The Classical School Newsletter, Week of April 21


Parents, please take a moment to mark your calendars. The following are important dates that you do not want to miss:


A Message from Sarah Donovan, Principal of Extended Educational Programs

And God said, “Let the waters under the sky be gathered together in one place, and let the dry land appear.” And so it was. Genesis 1:9 Earth Day is celebrated on April 22, 2016. It is a day to celebrate one of God’s greatest gifts, our home. As we raise the next generation it’s crucial for us to continually celebrate God’s creation. Our children will be the bearers of love and care for our great, beloved Earth. I encourage you to take time to share the story of Genesis with your children, young and old, and model taking care of our precious home through healthy practices, such as reducing, reusing, and recycling.



Welcome the new 2016-2017 Student Government!

JanaeSamuelMelisa  Sydney

From left to right, we have Janae Kinne for President, Samuel Lowry for Vice-President, Melisa Mason for Chaplain, and Sydney Kinne for Secretary-Treasurer.



May 12 Exam Schedule

If a High School student does not have a Science class, they do not need to be at school until 11:45.  The exam schedule for grades 9-12 will be as follows:

8:00-10:15 Science Exam – Room 225

10:15-11:15 Study Hall – Room 225

11:15-11:45 Lunch

12:00-2:00 Math Exam – Room 225

2:00 Dismissal for High School

Middle School students taking Algebra I will have to take the final during the Math Exam time for High School.

On Thursday, May 12th students in grades K-5 will practice for the end of the year program in the morning and will attend the program from 1:30-3:00.

All parents are invited to attend the grades K-5 program at 1:30 in Henry Chapel (located across from Welcome Center A.

The Storm Around Us – A Devotional from PJ Wehry

One of my favorite passages is John 17. Here, Jesus intercedes on behalf of the disciples he is leaving. His prayer includes not only those disciples who are around him, but also, “those who will believe in me through their [the disciples’] message.” We have a recorded prayer where Christ prays directly for us. This passage is theologically rich, but as I was looking at it again, I was struck by one particular point. “My prayer is not that you take them out of the world but that you protect them from the evil one.” In America, most people enjoy a standard of living that the world has hardly seen. Don’t let your surroundings fool you. Satan is still out there, and he is trying to make you fail. The only person who stands between us and the power of the evil one is Jesus. The only shelter we enjoy from the surrounding storm is found in the shadow of the rejected Cornerstone.



Senior Luncheon

Seniors are invited to lunch with Mr. Wehry, Mrs. Donovan, and Mr. Fana at the Olive Garden by Mall at Millenia on Monday, May 9th at 12:00 PM. Please RSVP to Mr. Wehry by Wednesday, May 4th.

TCS K-8 Spring Presentation

TCS Seniors are required to attend the TCS K-8 Spring Presentation held on Thursday, May 12th at 1:30 pm in Henry Chapel. Our seniors will be recognized. Dress code is church attire.

Standardized Testing

Please be reminded that we have Terra Nova Testing on the following dates-

April 21st               8:15-9:30

April 26th               8:00-1:30

April 27th               8:00-1:30

April 28th               8:00-12:00

For the tests, students are responsible to bring two sharpened no. 2 pencils. 3-8th grades have the option of bringing a calculator for the math section. The calculator may not be on a phone, tablet, or computer. It also may not be a scientific or graphing calculator.

FBCO Cafeteria Closed on Certain Dates

Please note that the FBCO Cafeteria will be closed on May 3rd. Students will have to bring their lunches from home. Thank you.

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