The Classical School Newsletter, Week of Feb. 18

Parents, please take a moment to mark your calendars. The following are important dates that you do not want to miss:
•February 19th: Father Daughter Dance
•February 21st: Admissions Open House
•February 27th: Sadie Hawkins Dance
•March 3rd: End of 3rd Quarter
•March 3rd: TCS Parent Association Meeting
•March 4th: Beginning of 4th Quarter


A Message from Sarah Donovan, Principal of The Extended Educational Programs
Lifelong learning is a goal for our students, teachers, staff, and leadership at TFA’s Extended Educational Programs. Over the past weeks, TEEP’s leadership team has visited and learned from benchmark schools in the Central Florida area. These professional collaborations are key to continued growth for our programs. It creates waves of excitement with new ideas and affirmation of the working being done at the Preschool, The First Hope, and TCS. A wise man will hear and increase in learning, And a man of understanding will acquire wise counsel. Proverbs 1:5

Sarah Donovan


Gatlin Thornton

Gatlin is a Junior at TCS and a singer/songwriter. She is excited to share with you her video performance of her new original song “Day by Day” which can be viewed on Youtube at . Her EP, entitled “In November” was released in November of 2015. The EP is a six song collection that can be downloaded on iTunes at– .

Gatlin performs at various venues around Central Florida and will perform at the Florida Music Festival in late April, in downtown Orlando.


Groundbreaking Ceremony for the New TFA Fieldhouse
TFA broke ground on the new Fieldhouse this Wednesday. We’d like to give thanks for what God has provided for our school.


TCS Senior Pitches No-Hitter
We’d like to congratulate Garrett Milchin on pitching a no-hitter for the Royals Tuesday night.


Father Daughter Dance
The Parent’s Association is hosting a Father Daughter dance for grades K-8 on Friday, February 19th. We are so excited!


A Brother’s Love- A Devotional by PJ Wehry
As we come off of Valentine’s Day, I’d like to remind us of the need for good friends. Yes, our spouse is a gift from God (hopefully my wife reads this), but we need more than our spouse. In American society, intimacy is often seen as distasteful outside of a romantic partner. But the Biblical picture of friendship shows a robust kind of love. As we see in 1 Samuel 18, “Jonathan made a covenant with David because he loved him as himself. Jonathan took off the robe he was wearing and gave it to David, along with his tunic, and even his sword, his bow and his belt.” Jonathan gave David everything on his person, symbolizing that everything that was his was at David’s disposal. If you have a friend like that, take the time to thank them and thank God for them. If you don’t have a friend like that, open yourself up to a friendship that is willing to put everything on the line for the other person. This is what Scripture pictures.

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