The Classical School Newsletter, Week of Mar. 3

Parents, please take a moment to mark your calendars. The following are important dates that you do not want to miss:
• March 10-14: Senior Ski Trip
• March 20-25: Spring Break
• March 28: Office Closed for Easter Monday

A Message from Sarah Donovan, Principal of the Extended Educational Programs
“God couldn’t be everywhere and so he made Grandparents.” We are so looking forward to our Grandparent’s Day events at TCS, The First Hope, and our Preschool. The Preschool is hosting their Grandparent’s Day at 9:45AM on Thursday, March 10th for all age groups. TCS (K-5 classes) and The First Hope (K-5 inclusion classes and transitions+) are hosting Their Grandparent’s Day events at 1:00PM on Thursday, March 10th in Room 215/225 at TCS. You can also purchase a special TFA Grandparent’s T-shirt through TFA’s school store! We can’t wait to show our Grandparents how much they are loved at these special TEEP events.

Sarah Donovan

Spring Break and Easter Monday
The office will be closed and students will have no school or work assigned March 20-28th.

Math Olympics
Our students did well in their Math Olympics! Listed below are the winners for grades 3-8.
Grade 3
Computation- Molly Shimel, Will Preisser, Sam Hebert
Reasoning- Molly Shimel, Will Preisser, Bethany Atchison

Grade 4
Computation- Nate Atchison
Reasoning- Nate Atchison, Trey Simpson, Robbie Burch

Grade 5
Computation- Olivia Hebert, Amelia Preisser, Trey Newsome
Reasoning- Ansley Mayberry, Liam MacDonald, Noah Shimel

Grade 6
Computation- Kristina Djaja, Kyle Binkley, Bella Posada
Reasoning- Talia Levine, Harrison McLellan, Charlotte Weir

Grade 7
Computation- Nicholas Rolland, Maddie Flint, Dakotah Osborne
Reasoning- Nicholas Rolland, Maddie Flint, Kasey Preisser

Grade 8
Computation- Joseph Djaja, Clara Flint, Zayna JeBailey
Reasoning- Anna Binkley, Annie Sterling

March 5th- Why Lent?
Whether you observe Lent or not, the original purpose behind Lent is a good one. As Christians we are called to bear our own cross with Christ and deny ourselves. In Matthew 6 in the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus says, “When you fast, do not look somber as the hypocrites do, for they disfigure their faces to show others they are fasting.” Here he addresses people who do religious things for personal gain, but what is easy to miss in a consumption driven culture is the assumption beneath that statement “When you fast…” Jesus assumes that we fast, but in an America dedicated to personal satisfaction this assumption of denial can easily be lost. Preparing food took much longer back in New Testament times. The purpose of fasting was to create an extended time for prayer. Where do you need to discipline yourself today? What seeming essential should you give up for a brief period so that you can pray more?


SGA Food Drive
The SGA has a new service project opportunity for TCS and TFH Inclusion to partake in, so that we can serve and reach out to the local community. We are hosting a non-perishable canned food drive. From Tuesday, March 1 – Thursday, March 17, there will be boxes in front of your student’s first period classroom (MS/HS grades) or your child’s classroom (Lower School grades.) The first period/grade level that has the most cans of food will receive a Spirit Wear card, as well as a free item worth $1 at Royal Recharge. The canned food donations will go to Matthew’s Hope in Winter Garden.

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