The Classical School, Week of 12/10

Parents, please take a moment to mark your calendars. The following are important dates that you do not want to miss:
•December 11, 14-15: No Campus Classes (Assignments at home)
•December 16-18: TCS Self-Study Days
•Dec 21-Jan 1: Christmas Break
•January 4: TCS Self-Study Day
•January 5: Back to School
•January 11: Re-Enrollment Begins


A Message from Sarah Donovan, Principal of Extended Educational Programs
As 2015 winds down, The Extended Educational Programs leadership team has been looking ahead and preparing for a strong future at TCS, The First Hope, and The ELC Preschool. We have developed five year plans that outline our strategic goals to enhance our programs to be the best in their fields. These were developed based on SWOT (strength, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis feedback from faculty, staff, and families. We are grateful for our program blessings and excited for many more in the years to come!

Sarah Donovan


Ashley Stephens


This is Ashley’s first year at TCS. She loves being able to share about Jesus, integrating Biblical truths throughout her third graders’ day. She appreciates the unique blend of traditional schooling and homeschooling that TCS offers. She is proud to be a part of it. Her favorite part of the day is reading to her class. Their faces light up during the exciting parts, and they giggle at the funny parts. Most of all, she loves watching her kids learn and grow more and more every day.

Ashley enjoys going on Disney cruises. She has identical twin girls who are four and are so excited to start TCS next year in kindergarten.


TCS 1st Grade Chapel Shows the Reason for the Season!



What Can a Baby Do For Me?- A Devotional from PJ Wehry
As we approach this Christmas season, I encourage you to see the importance of the baby Jesus. Why a baby? Was Jesus just biding time till he could sacrifice himself? What we have in Christmas is the advent of our Savior. Jesus in the flesh not only died for our sins, but he also demonstrated his commitment to the redemption of his creation. The human nature that Jesus took on when he was born as that little baby is still the human nature that he shares with us today. Let me draw your attention to three consequences of that. First, Christ understands our human weakness because he overcame it. Second, he is able to intercede for the human race as its head, the Last Adam. Finally, his incarnation showcases the coming redemption of the physical world. The birth of Christ means so much. Don’t miss the theological richness that this season has to offer.

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