Parents, please take a moment to mark your calendars. The following are important dates that you do not want to miss:

  • Wednesday, December 14 3’s Chapel With Pastor Derrick (10:00)
  • Thursday, December 15 Christmas Pageant (9:45am)  Henry Chapel
  • Monday, December 19-Monday, January 2 Christmas Break (No School)
  • Tuesday, January 3rd Back To School
  • Monday, January 9-Monday, January 22 Online Re-Enrollment Period

Message from Mrs. Sarah Donovan, Director of The Extended Educational Programs

What is Biblical Worldview Integration (BWI)?  By definition Biblical Worldview Integration is the act of weaving Biblical Principles into the curriculum and classroom teachings. So what does it look like in action? When visiting our TCS Spanish classroom, I experienced a strong example of BWI. Mrs. Roxanna Dickerson had an extra question added to the Spanish III exam. It asked students to defend in the Spanish language why spiritual exercise is more important than physical exercise. Below is student Sam Lowry’s response in both Spanish and the English translation:

Muchas personas crean que el ejercicio físico es más importante que el ejercicio espiritual. La verdad es que el ejercicio físico solo te ayude aquí en este mundo, pero el ejercicio espiritual te guía a una relación firme con Dios y a una vida eterna en el cielo.

A lot of people think that physical exercise is more important that spiritual exercise. The truth is that physical exercise only benefits you here on earth, but spiritual exercise leads you to a deeper relationship with God and to an eternal life with Him in heaven.

God is truly all around us- we are so grateful to be able to integrate him in every possible way in our classrooms. Blessings for a wonderful week!

Message From Mrs. Grayson Merritt,  Principal

Upcoming Events

Preschool Christmas Program, “The True Christmas Gift”

Please mark your calendar to join us Thursday, December 15th at 9:45am in Henry Chapel.  Our preschool friends will be telling the story of the “REAL” meaning of Christmas.  All of our classes will be participating; yes even the babies!  We look forward to seeing you on Thursday, December 15th.


Sunshine Committee Monthly Blessing

Please check your email for this month’s “Sign Up Genius” for the December Blessing for our teachers from your classroom mom.  Next Thursday, (12/8) and Friday, (12/9) the Sunshine Committee will be blessing the teachers with a cookie bar for teachers to enjoy and take home to their families!  Please sign up ( to help bless our amazing teachers!

Welcome to Karen Fieldler-Pires!

Karen will be joining us in the 2’s as a teaching assistant.  Karen was born and raised in Brazil in a Christian family. She loves traveling. She has lived and worked as a nanny in Canada and in the US for several years. Her passions are Jesus, family, friends, and she loves working with kids! She got married in February this year, and looks forward to starting a family. She is  so excited to become part of the TFA family!
Welcome Karen– we are so excited to have you in our school family.

Wishing you and your family a blessed week!


Mrs. Grayson Merritt


Happy Birthday to our Preschool  Friends During the Month of December:

Staff December Birthday:
Judy Johnson – 4th
Lawanda Jackson – 25th
Ashley DeLuca – 28th
Hope Harrington – 28th
Ellie Robinson – 5th
Finley Hurlebaus – 5th
Maddox Pine – 11th
Austin Upkins – 19th
Isabella Klein – 27th

Welcome New Friends to Our School Family:







And a BIG Welcome Back to our School Family Addison  and Jackson

img_1819       img_1811

Big Brother/Big Sister Celebrations:


3’s Thanksgiving Friendship Feast


Miss Kim’s 3-day friends


Miss Ebony’s 5-Day friends


Miss Melanie’s 5-day friends



Our friends dressed up for the feast.