Parents, please take a moment to mark your calendars. The following are important dates that you do not want to miss:

  • Friday, February 3rd Preschool 3’s Year Olds Sing at TFA Basketball Game Half Time (7:00pm)  Natalie Thomas Gym
  • Wednesday February 8th  3’s Chapel with Pastor Derrick Skelton (FBO Children’s Pastor)
  • Sunday, February 12th  TFA Open House (2:00pm-4:00pm) Natalie Thomas Gym
  • Monday, February 20th  No School (President’s Day)
  • Tuesday, February 21st  Sunshine Committee Meeting 9:15am Grayson’s Office

Message from Mrs. Sarah Donovan, Director of The Extended Educational Programs

A Message from Sarah Donovan, Director of The Extended Educational Programs
What do Kobe Bryant, famous Laker’s NBA player, and Koby Morgan, The First Hope student, have in common? They share a namesake, they both tower over many with their incredible height, they both wear jersey #24, and they both know what it’s like for a basketball dream to come true. At last Thursday’s TFA Varsity basketball game, Koby Morgan scored his first game points, including one three-point shot. He shoots, he scores, and the crowd went WILD! This is not only a celebration for Koby, but for The First Hope. He represents our students’ ‘limitless’ abilities and opportunities for all dreams to come true!

Message From Mrs. Grayson Merritt,  Preschool Principal

What can babies possibly be learning?  You really “teach” babies!  Yes!!  

Recent research has taught us that a child as young as 2 has the ability to understand  and say over 50 single words.  We are learning the most important “window” to their little minds in learning words and beginning to make brain connections is before they are even a year old.

In the infant and walker age classrooms, we take an intentional approach to ensuring that each child’s development is assessed and  that goals are set to help even our youngest Royals be set up for success.  Miss Judy daily incorporates “tummy time” for each one of her sweet infants.  This time that a baby spends on their tummy is to help the child begin to develop the upper trunk strength the child will need to not only crawl but to also help develop the muscle groups a child will need to sit for circle time well up to help a child be able to successfully sit at their desk through high school.

TFA Preschool takes a strong approach and understands the importance of language and literacy development.  What may look and sound like singing silly songs to our babies or with our toddlers is actually us modeling speech and helping these sweet babies begin to make connections in their brains between pictures on a page and the sound.  Research tells that these neuron connections are what help children successfully name pictures as they get older and begin to recall seeing a picture and name mapped together for them.  Lap time reading with our teachers is such a powerful moment in the infant’s day to not only help build their language library but also in helping the teacher to connect with the child.  Through eye contact, touch, and the simple calm presence of their teacher, a child feels safe and validated which is our daily goal at the preschool.



Happy Birthday to our Preschool  Friends During the Month of February:

Staff February Birthday:
Sarah – 17
Hiliana – 22
Brantley – 1
Mackenzie – 7
Alani – 8
Derek – 14
Jordan – 21
Ainsley – 21
Nathan – 28

Welcome New Friends to Our School Family:

Welcome, Ava                                        Welcome, Regina


Congratulations to Kai on becoming BIG BROTHER to Kowen

K Prep Spotlight

K Prep had an “In School Field Trip”  Gatorland came to our classroom with some of God’s amazing creatures!  The animals were a hands on way to reinforce our unit of study Amazing Animals.  






K Prep Classes (Mrs. Williams and Mrs. Connell)

Preschool graduates Mackenzie and Addyson being so brave!