Parents, please take a moment to mark your calendars. The following are important dates that you do not want to miss:

  • Thursday, February 9th  3’s Music With Miss Angie
  • Sunday, February 12th  TFA Open House (2:00pm-4:00pm) Natalie Thomas Gym
  • Thursday, February 16th  3’s Music With Miss Angie
  • Monday, February 20th  No School (President’s Day)
  • Tuesday, February 21st  Sunshine Committee Meeting 9:15am Grayson’s Office

A Message from Sarah Donovan, Director of The Extended Educational Programs

Since 1984, Walt Disney World Resort has collaborated with local school districts to identify and recognize young people who have demonstrated excellence in their schools and communities. Disney Dreamer and Doers are celebrated for the many ways they are engaged in taking positive action to improve their communities, homes, and schools. This year TCS and The First Hope students will have the opportunity to be recognized as a Disney Dreamer and Doer. TCS families, please check your email for further information. The First Hope families, please contact your child’s classroom teacher for more information. We are very excited for the inaugural year of TCS and The First Hope students being self-nominated for this special award!

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Message From Mrs. Grayson Merritt,  Preschool Principal

Preschool Spotlight

Several of our preschool friends sang this past Friday night during half-time at The First Academy Varsity Basketball game.  From ages 1-4, our sweet friends sang their hearts out and blessed the crowd with their best singing of our school family theme song.  They did such a wonderful job and we were so proud of their bravery singing in front of a SOLD OUT crowd full of basketball fans.

As part of our Conscious Discipline Social and Emotional Curriculum, we focus on identifying feelings during the month of February.  We help children to note when they are feeling emotion and then look in a mirror or make the face of what emotion they are experiencing.  Our goal with an emotion is to help them identify and notice what the emotion feels like and help model what steps the child can take to help with self-regulation back to a state of peace.

Our preschool friends in Miss Ashley’s class have been so cute learning about their feelings and emotions.  Through our safe place areas in our classroom, children can look at the features of the faces and help to identify what emotion they are experiencing.

Miss Ashley explains the Safe Place                      Adler feels happy                                                   Matheus feels scared                                       Sofia feels angry                                             How do I feel?


Happy Birthday to our Preschool  Friends During the Month of February:

Staff February Birthday:
Sarah – 17
Hiliana – 22
Brantley – 1
Mackenzie – 7
Alani – 8
Derek – 14
Jordan – 21
Ainsley – 21
Nathan – 28

Welcome New Friends to Our School Family:

Welcome, Ava                                        Welcome, Regina


Congratulations to Kai on becoming BIG BROTHER to Kowen