The First Academy Preschool Newsletter, Week of Feb. 11

Parents, please take a moment to mark your calendars. The following are important dates that you do not want to miss:
Monday, February 15th President’s Day (No School)
Sunday, February 21st TFA Open House 2-4pm
Thursday, March 10th Grandparents’ Day @ 9:45am (Details to Follow)
Week of March 14th-18th Teacher Appreciation Week
Week of March 21st-March 25th Spring Break (No School)
Monday, March 28th Easter Holiday (No School)


A Message from Sarah Donovan, Principal of The Extended Educational Programs
This past Saturday, I had the honor of spending the day with teachers and leadership from TCS, The First Hope, and the Preschool at the Florida Kindergarten Council’s annual conference. We were able to share insight and ideas with fellow early childhood educators. It fills my leadership bucket and heart to spend time and collaborate with our strong teachers. There were representatives from across the state of Florida who sparked strong ideas for our programs. It’s such a gift and blessing to bring back such knowledge to our TEEP programs!

Sarah Donovan


Note From Mrs. Grayson Merritt (Director/Assistant Principal)
Over the last week, our theme has been focusing on feelings and emotions. Understanding and naming emotions is such an important tool for children to learn. We have been exploring what our bodies feel like and what are facial features are when we are experiencing each emotion. It so helpful for children to be able to “label” and name their emotion as they feel it to help them not be frustrated but to be able to express truly how they are feeling. As their primary caretakers, we can better understand and help the child process and regulate the feeling they are experiencing whether it is a happy, sad or frustrated emotion.

Mrs. Jennifer’s Class practiced what the emotions look like:










As part of the curriculum, the children have been learning songs about emotions as well as doing activities where they “mirror” the emotion for a friend to see what it looks like. With this lesson we have looked at empathy and grace as well to show how we can be better friends as well. So exciting for the children to be accepting of each other and extending a little extra grace to a friend in need!

Please join us in welcoming Ariana Hunt and Claire Park to our school family.

pre5 pre9

Thank you for making our preschool such an incredible place to serve! Wishing you a wonderful rest of your week!

Mrs. Grayson Merritt


TFA Preschool Spotlight:
Our newest little “Royals”. Please join me in celebrating our new older brothers & sister:

Big Sister Lyla with her new brother Liam


Big brother Caleb with baby brother Luke


Big brother Jayden with baby sister Kamelia.




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