Parents, please take a moment to mark your calendars. The following are important dates that you do not want to miss:

  • Thursday, May 26th & Friday, May 27th  End of School Year Parties
  • Friday, May 27th  Last Day of School
  • Monday, May 30th-Friday, June 3rd  Preschool Office Closed (No School)
  • Monday, June 6th-Thursday, June 30th  Summer Camp Session I
  • Tuesday, July 5th-Friday, July 22nd  Summer Camp Session II

Message from Sarah Donovan,  Principal of The Extended Educational Programs

The excitement and emotions of graduation have wrapped around us at The First Academy. It is a time of reflection and nostalgia of taking the great leap into college. As our seniors at The Classical School and The First Academy’s 5 Day program take the walk toward their future on Friday night, I am reminded of what inspired me at that age. My dad often wrote quotes inside special books or cards during milestone moments of my life. Here is the quote he wrote to me as I began my journey to college, “The journey between what you once were and who you are now becoming is where the dance of life really takes place.” To the graduating seniors: enjoy the dance, be strong Christian leaders as you enter these new worlds, and take advantage of opportunities to travel and experience this beautiful world. To all Extended Educational Program families, please join me in praying for the Class of 2016. We are so proud of you all!

Message from Mrs. Grayson Merritt, Director/Assistant Principal

As I reflect back over our last 10 months together, I am filled with such an amazing sense of love!  What an incredible joy we have had serving your precious families.  We are humbled by your generous support and outstanding encouragement this year.  I am so thankful to the countless hours of planning, praying and dedication the teachers have poured into your children.  Most importantly, I am thankful to each of YOU who have entrusted your most valuable treasure into not only our school this past year but also our hearts.  We will miss those of you who will not be here this summer joining us for summer camp.  We wish you well!  Enjoy your summer and we look forward to welcoming you back in August.

Class Pictures

It is not too late to order a class picture.  Although you can no longer send in the order form with payment, you can still choose to order your picture by clicking on the link below.  The order will be shipped directly to your house.
TFAPRESCHOOL2016  (all caps and no spaces)

Summer Camp Registration

Summer is right around the corner!  We have begun online registration for summer camp.  There will be 2 sessions with 2-day, 3-day and 5-day options:  Session I (Monday, June 6th-Thursday, June 30th) and Session II (Tuesday, June 5th-Friday, July 22nd).  Please register today so we can hold your spot!  For more information and pricing, visit our website:

School Family Celebrations

Happy Birthday to our May friends:

Chloe, William, Jackson, Miss Melanie, Valentina

Classroom School Spotlight (Water Day)

Favorite Moments from the 3’s:

Hudson- ” I liked playing on the bikes and fishing with my friends who are boys”
Gioia-” I loved swimming with my friends in the sprinklers”
Cameron-” I like swimming in the pool”
Ava- ” I loved the sprinklers”

Abel- “I loved the trucks in the sand and cleaning the bikes”.

Ari – “I liked the water” and from the intense look on her face the bikes as well.

Ansley and Brooklyn- in unison “Bubbles”.

Payton – “digging things out of the sand” and “I drank a lot of lemonade”

Caleb- “sprinklers”

Julie- “chalk”

Lauren- “the water”

Max- “the water, the sand, the bikes”

IMG_3486    IMG_3494