The First Hope Blog, Week of December 14


Parents, please take a moment to mark your calendars. The following are important dates that you do not want to miss:


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We are very excited to have one of our students playing on the TFA Middle School Basketball team this year. This is Simone’s first year at TFH and she was thrilled when given the chance to try out for the team. Her height, ball handling skills, and love of the sport helped to earn her a spot as a defensive player. Jacklyn Biles went to support and cheer on Simone at her game this week. She was able to capture Simone, #13, in action. Although the Royals did not walk away with the win, they battled their way back to a respectable score and improved their game along the way.

Team Huddle

Simone blocks the ball

Simone gets the rebound

Coach Tierra Brown gives Simone a few pointers between quarters



We only have one more week before we leave for Christmas Break! I hope you are not feeling the hustle and bustle that Christmas time can bring, feeling overwhelmed and stressed.  Presents are fun to give to one another but the true meaning is what this time is about – the birth of Jesus and what He has done for us.  No matter what you are going through our Lord can carry it for you.  He can sustain you through any trial you are facing.  He wants us to lean on Him and trust in Him.  I hope you can feel His peace today and know He is there for you in each and every way just like we are here at The First Hope.

-Patty Myers