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I had planned on focusing my TFA Today message this week on the history of Valentine’s Day. I had a ‘good’ draft in progress, however, at Monday morning’s prayer with The First Hope team, Jennifer Stilling shared a much better account of Valentine’s Day’s  Christian beginnings. Her message from WEL’s devotion is below. Sending love and blessings to our TEEP families! 

Everyone is excited to celebrate Valentine’s Day this week. Valentine was a Christian young man who lived in Rome in the third century. According to legend, he was deeply in love and planned to get married soon. At that time, Christianity was illegal and all Christians were declared guilty of treason. Rather than deny their Savior, though, many Christians boldly confessed their faith in Jesus. Valentine was one of those confessors who remained true to Christ and was arrested.

While he was in jail, awaiting his death in the arena, Valentine wrote a number of beautiful, impassioned letters to his would-be bride. He assured her of his great love for her. But he also made it clear that first place in his heart was reserved for Jesus, his Savior. History tells us that on February 14, in the year 269, Valentine was put to death, martyred for Jesus Christ. In the year 496—after Christianity was an accepted religion—the church declared February 14 to be St. Valentine’s Day.

While the Christian significance of this day has been pretty well forgotten by now, we can let this background for Valentine’s Day bring us past superficial sentimentality to the greatest love of all—the love of God for the world. Jesus showed true love by giving his life for us on the cross in order to pay for our forgiveness so we could have eternal life in heaven.

The sacrificial love of Jesus touches our hearts and fills us with gratitude. It moves us to show “true love” to one another. “True love” is not just sweet emotions, but a commitment to help, regardless of the cost or consequence. The love we show to the children and to one another begins with the knowledge and joy of knowing that we are God’s chosen people, holy and dearly loved. Filled up with God’s love, we will be kind and loving toward others on Valentine’s Day and always.


Michael, 11th-grade student in our Inclusion program recently scored Superior in both his categories Concerto and Solo this past weekend. He is now invited to play at the State level in May!! We are so proud of you Michael!

Michael playing the piano


It is hard to believe we are in the middle of February.  Before you know it, May will be here.  We have been busy planning already for next year and finishing strong for this school year.  I am humbled by how many new families have been inquiring and how many new students are being tested already for the few spots we have left open. As I always do, I pray for each family that comes to tour our program and ask God to guide them if this is His will for them.  We continue to assess our current offerings and always looking to the future of how we can grow steadily and how we can help serve our students the best.  I am excited for the opportunities that The First Hope has brought to our TFA family.  I continue to look to Him as we continue to make this program stronger and stronger.  I ask that you help me pray for each of our current families and each of our new families (many considering moving here just to attend TFH) that God will continue to help them each day.









-Patty Myers


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