The First Hope Blog, Week of March 2nd


Parents, please take a moment to mark your calendars. The following are important dates that you do not want to miss:




Our TCS/TFH Parent Association and Preschool Sunshine Committee need YOU! Combined, our three Extended Educational Programs have over 300 students and continue to be blessed with growth. Imagine the powerful potential we have with all of these precious families doing one small or large act to contribute to our parent organizations this year. There is still time! Whether it’s attending our next meeting or responding to a sign up sent via email, we are so grateful for your loving contribution. Please join us in blessing our students and teachers with a strong finish to an incredible year!


Our preschool students start each morning with a circle time in which they sing the days of the week, practice counting, and most importantly work on communicating basic information about themselves.  Their teacher, Mrs. Jennifer Stilling MS, CCC-SLP,  has implemented an assistive communication app called Liveox that the students access through their iPads. Personal information and phrases have been loaded into each childs iPad that is specific to them. Partnered with pictures, the student is able to touch the picture that will provide information such as their name, phone number, address, birthdate, friends, and siblings just to name a few. For our students who struggle to verbally express themselves, this app allows them to answer questions, share their feelings, and interact with those around them.  There is a learning curve as each child learns which picture accesses the appropriate information they are being asked to provide. Once they learn to press the picture of the phone to share their phone number or the picture of the cake to share their birthdate, however, the sense of independence and accomplishment that they feel is evident in the huge smile they share.


Using her Liveox communication app, Ellie shares her phone number so Mrs. Jenny can call her on the phone



Gabriel shares his address so Mrs. Jenny can come to his house to visit


Dr. Brian Abrams, DPM

I am still gleaming from Saturdays The Hope Conference!  If you weren’t able to make it you missed out.  Our Keynote speaker Dr. Brian Abrams was amazing.  He shared his story of getting his Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctorate and beyond.  He shared only after his son was diagnosed with autism then he was also.  He was told he would only be able to pump gas the rest of his life and that is all.  He proved them all wrong.  He was so inspiring and gave the audience so much HOPE!  We had about 15 vendors that shared about their programs or products which were awesome.  Our breakout sessions were full and the audience had many questions.  Thank you to the many volunteers that made it all happen. There has been such great feedback on how everyone loved the conference.  I am already planning Hope Conference #2. I can’t wait for next year already!

-Patty Myers

TFH Volunteers


If any medicine changes occur please communicate this to your teacher

Sign your child’s communication sheets nightly

Send in your Box Tops and Campbell’s Labels