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TEEP’s Royal Reach Referral Program for all Extended Educational Programs is a great way for us to celebrate current families who refer their friends and extended family for the 2017 – 2018 school year.

Here’s how it works: When a student applies and successfully enrolls with any Extended Educational Program, the referring family receives a $150 per child in all age and grade levels at TFA’s Preschool, The Classical School (TCS), and The First Hope. The applicant must name you as their referring family on the student application. Every year, close to 80% of our new families enroll at The First Academy due to a current teacher, staff member, or TFA family recommending our school. We know that a recommendation from YOU carries much more credibility than any print ad can say, and we are grateful!

Please help remind your friends to apply early and save their spot for 2017 – 2018! Together we can experience what makes our Extended Educational Programs of The First Academy so special and bring additional mission-appropriate families to share in the excitement of TFA’s Extended Educational Programs.

For more information on TFA’s Extended Educational Programs, please visit the links below:

The First Academy Preschool (Ages 8 Weeks- 3 Years Old)

The Classical School of The First Academy (Kindergarten-12th Grade)

The First Hope of The First Academy (PreK- 12th Grade) 


What does technology look like at The Extended Educational Programs of TFA? So glad you asked! This year we have really experienced growth with Technology Trailblazers at TCS and The First Hope. If you walk into Lori Shipley or Susan Gentry’s TCS classrooms any given Tuesday or Thursday, you will see Nearpod being used. This tech tool is designed for teachers to create, engage, and assess through a plethora of multi-media resources. We also started launching the use of Canvas, a learning management system that provides a ‘one stop shop’ for middle and high school class’s toolbox and resources.
Emma Bachman, The First Hope teacher, says “It’s awesome, I am so grateful for Proloquo 2 Go” in her classroom. This tech tool assists students with communication. What was once a non-verbal interaction has turned into a conversation! You will also see the use of Osmo in The First Hope classrooms, an educational games system that yields high engagement with high learning.
And what about the Preschool? Grayson Merritt shared in her TFA Preschool Blog The American Academic of Pediatrics updated recommendation with early childhood media usage. This included no use prior to the age of 18 months and very limited from the ages of 2-5 years old (1 hour per day). TFA’s Preschool focuses on purposeful play and self-regulation so that when they enter their formal schooling years, they have the ability to focus on both technology and face to face presentations. Grayson’s blog link is below for more information:
For more information on these technology tools, please explore the links below.


On Saturday, April 22nd, TCS and TFH rolled out the red carpet for our girls and their fathers to attend the 2nd annual Daddy/Daughter Dance. It was an evening filled with fun as the girls twirled in their pretty dresses, hula hooped with glow in the dark hoops, took silly pictures at the photo booth, and enjoyed delicious Italian food and sweets. The highlight of the evening was of course the Dads and their precious little girls sharing a dance or two and making memories that will last a lifetime.

Camryn and her Dad share a moment

Treniya and her Dad dancing the night away


 We love our TFH moms!  I so enjoyed our time on Wednesday (Muffins for Moms) just celebrating YOU at our annual Muffins for Moms event.  Each of the students made beautiful canvas paintings and then also brought each of their moms carnations.  It is always so neat to have all our moms in the same room.  We are so blessed to have such great, loving families who really partner with us.   -Patty Myers

Mrs. Perryman enjoying the morning with her kids



Kenny’s canvas for his mom

Students canvas’ they made

Charlie and Patty


If any medicine changes occur please communicate this to your teacher

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