The First Hope Blog, Week of November 30


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Thirteen of our high school students, in both the Inclusion and Transition+ classes, toured University of Central Florida and learned about their Inclusive Education Program(IES). A post secondary educational experience, the program allows for students with intellectual disabilities to participate in the college experience.  From living in the dorm with other IES students, to participating in campus clubs and athletics, taking 2 college classes, and taking part in on campus jobs, this program gives kids the opportunity to develop their independent living skills in an all natural inclusive experience. Resource facilitators and volunteer student buddies provide the support needed to help each student be active, involved, and successful. Our kids were very excited and actively participated in the tour, both asking and answering questions. After the tour, the students had lunch at the student center and fit right in with the college kids hanging out.

A group picture in front of the UCF logo upon our arrival

Andrew Quigley, an Accessibility Consultant, shares with the kids some of the great opportunities for an IES student

Lunch at the Student Center was a success

The possibilities are… #Limitless



We are fortunate to partner with OCPS and be able to use IDEA funding to help our students learn in all kinds of different ways.  They were able to provide our program with 5 TAPit Boards in our classrooms.  What a wonderful way to enhance our programs.  They are portable and the students use the touchscreen to be more involved in the learning process.  They love the format and it also helps our students that have visual needs to be able to tilt it for their specific needs.

Transitions+ Primary Classroom using TAPit Board during calendar time

Ellie and Milo love to learn on the TAPit

-Patty Myers

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