The First Hope Blog, Week of November 9


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The holiday season is upon us and our Transition+Secondary students have started preparing for the Annual Holiday Shop that will take place next month. Part of that preparation includes making items that will be sold at the shop. First on the list are the wonderful relaxing and sweet smelling bath salts that were a favorite among shoppers last year. Under the guidance of Mrs. Kovie, each student had an opportunity to measure and mix the ingredients. They are excited to sell the finished product and to share all of their creations at the Holiday Shop.

Simone and Nickayla mixing their bath salt ingredients

Mason adds in the Epsom salt with a little help from Mrs. Kovie

Harrison helps to measure the right amount while Olivia waits her turn

Harrison and Olivia are ready to mix together their bath salt ingredients





There are many things we do here at The First Hope and encouraging our students to excel is just one of them.  I love when I can go into the classrooms and see what is happening. Last week I was able to observe all kinds of great things happening but there was one thing that stuck out more than the rest.  We have students with so many unique needs and talents.  They love to show me what they are working on at times and have me notice.  That is a privilege for me. This particular day Gerran was doing her handwriting and kept looking back to make sure I was there watching.  I was watching you Gerran.  I am so proud of our students and I do notice the hard work it takes to stay seated in their chairs, use a pencil, remember to use the correct grip, stay focused on the page that has all kinds of writing on it, and be motivated to do that over and over again.  I am amazed at the JOY they bring when they finally achieve something they have worked on for weeks or even months.  We are so proud and thankful for every single gift that God helps them to achieve.  We never take it for granted.  Gooo Gerran!


-Patty Myers

Gerran sharing her writing skills


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