The First Hope Blog, Week of October 19


Parents, please take a moment to mark your calendars. The following are important dates that you do not want to miss:


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First Baptist Orlando Roof Repair Coming Soon!

Parents the church will be repairing E2’s roof in the next couple weeks.  For a few days it will be fairly noisy.  We will make room adjustments as we can but for a few days it may be a little out of the normal routine.  We will keep you informed once the days are confirmed as well.



Please welcome one of our newest ELP Paraprofessionals, Tabitha Clayton! Tabitha joins our team with a strong heart and passion for pouring into the lives of children. Her fiancé is currently studying to become a Youth Pastor and they volunteer together at their local church, Lifebridge in their Youth Program. Tabitha loves to serve and meet new people and welcomes the opportunity to be a light and to love on whoever she can!




After a long hot summer, the Transitions+ Garden was in desperate need of some TLC. Mrs. Kovie and Mr. Eason’s classes spent an afternoon filling the planters with fresh soil, and planting everything from herbs and purple flowers to lettuce, tomatoes, and cabbage. It was truly a group effort as the kids put on their gardening gloves and helped with each step. They return to their garden several afternoons a week to water and check the progress of their plantings. Apparently, we have several green thumbs because the lettuce is ready to be cut, green tomatoes can be seen on the vines, and the herbs are growing! The students are so excited to see the results of their efforts and can’t wait to make a salad!

Mr. Eason and Harrison hard at work

Nickayla planting

David and Mrs. Kovie stop to smile for a picture

Mason places the tomato cages

Olivia and Mrs. Kovie prepping for the tomato plants

Pranav and David survey their work

Nickayla waters the freshly planted produce

A group effort

Livy poses by the garden sign



Well, it’s that time of year again as we gather all the data and try our best to summarize how your children have been doing the last couple months. Today will start our first of many meetings with parents to share all the highlights, interventions being implemented, behavioral strategies being used, and find out if you are seeing changes also at home. Our goal each year is to see change… lots of change. We want our students to speak more, to have greater balance, to increase their appropriate social interactions with peers and staff, to understand their lessons and apply them in their life. The list goes on and on. We never stop working. Here is to another great year that my staff work tirelessly to help your children grow and make great gains in their life. Can’t wait to talk about each of our 53 precious students.

-Patty Myers