The First Hope Blog, Week of October 5


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First Baptist Orlando Roof Repair Coming Soon!

Parents the church will be repairing E2’s roof in the next couple weeks.  For a few days it will be fairly noisy.  We will make room adjustments as we can but for a few days it may be a little out of the normal routine.  We will keep you informed once the days are confirmed as well.


Coach Matt and his PE students are enjoying the opportunity to go to both the Field House and the Natalie Thomas Gymnasium on Fridays for their group PE class. They have been working on specific skills related to football and basketball this quarter such as throwing, snapping, and dribbling the ball. They love having the extra indoor space and basketball hoops to practice what they have learned.

Coach Matt, Coach Brown, Coach Grove, and the kids stop to pose for a picture

Abby shoots for two!

Transitions+ Secondary taking turns shooting hoops

Coach Matt reviews the goals for the class

Kai loves to play basketball

Treniya, who played on the TFA elementary school team last year, is working on her dribbling skill

Our students skills are LIMITLESS!





I am out a few days to attend my annual Florida Association of Behavior Analysts meeting.  I love getting to learn more and more about behavior.  This is something at The First Hope that is our biggest support- behavioral skills training.  I love when we can see a change in our kids for the better. We work so hard daily helping your children to learn different behavior skills to help them achieve true independence.  I saw one of our students today open the classroom door and then put his hand out to say “come on in”.  We have worked on that for weeks and he got it!  I have watched our littlest First Hope students in our Early Learning Program using the bathroom on their own and not having accidents- Progress!  I listened to a student say a word clearly today and know others can understand him better- Love it!

I know parents there are things at home that you are working on too.  We are always here to help and I wanted to share a few things with you that may help at home.  How is their bedtime routine?  Below is a chart to help motivate them to do all the things to prepare and stay in bed for the night.  Reward them after they get so many a week, make it fun!

The other chart I want to share is a chore chart.  How are they doing in helping you at home?  I know I can make my own son more accountable with chores for sure.  Maybe this chart I have shared below will help you too.

We are always here to help support your children in all areas because our goal at all times is independence!

-Patty Myers