The First Hope Blog, Week of September 28


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Please welcome Megan Gardner! She is a Paraprofessional working in our ELP Program, as well as the head varsity cheerleading coach for the Upper School at The First Academy. Megan graduated in 2013 from Southeastern University, in Lakeland, Florida, with a Bachelors Degree in Social Work. Megan has previously worked for Devereux, an organization under the Department of Children and Families, as well as at First Baptist Church of Orlando. Megan loves working with children and enjoys helping them discover the world around them. A few of her hobbies include: spending time with family and her fiance, going on hikes or nature walks, mission trips, and watching movies!


Let the cooking begin! As part of their Life Skills curriculum, our Transitions+ Secondary and Intermediate classes participated in their first culinary class.  Chef Richburgh, a graduate of the Le Cordon Bleu and a First Hope parent, taught the students how to make a delicious shrimp scampi. She walked the kids through every step from prepping the ingredients to how to tell when the shrimp were cooked. Several of the students participated by helping to stir the scampi and all of them sampled the finished product. The students all had a great time and are excited for their next class. Perhaps The First Hope has a future chef in training!

Gui adds the chopped green pepper

Carlos helps to stir the scampi

Livy was so excited to help stir the scampi

Chef Rich and Nickayla stop to smile for a picture

Treniya and Chef Rich, AKA Mom

Sampling the finished product brings smiles



Inclusion High School

I am so proud of our high school inclusion students.  The majority of them have been here longer than 5 years!  They have made so much progress over the years, especially with our biggest goal of independence.  They enjoy going over to the TFA Library once a month and then now also going over to the gym for part of their Friday group PE time.  They love going over to 5-Day and being a part of their bigger TFA family.  Thank you, TFA for loving all our students!

-Patty Myers