The First Hope Blog, Week of September 7


Parents, please take a moment to mark your calendars. The following are important dates that you do not want to miss:


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Ms. Mitchell helping Ellie with her math using the Splash Math App

The First Hope uses many interventions besides the chosen curriculum to help our students gain independence and knowledge. We love to find different ways to teach and help our students understand the concepts and grow.


Charlie and Alex- Goo Knights!

Two of our students, Charlie and Alex, had the opportunity to go to UCF about a week ago.  The Down Syndrome Foundation of Florida has a program for parents and students that meet monthly.  The students who are 16+ or older can come and take a scheduled tour and they talk to them about different life skills, living on their own, and college opportunities.  Parents get to hear more information about the Inclusive Education Services that UCF provides and does an amazing job to give so many different opportunities for our students.  Thank you UCF… Gooo Knights!


The good news about living in Florida is the great sunny weather.  The bad news about living in Florida is the storms we get sometimes like Hurricanes.  Many of our students struggle to communicate how they are feeling when they don’t understand what is going on around them.  Social stories are a way to help them understand those things.  UCF-CARD (Center For Autism and Related Disorders) made a great visual/social story to help kids understand about the upcoming storm ahead.  Talk to your kids about it and remind them to seek God first in all that we do and rely on Him to keep us safe and secure.  Be looking for more communication going out via text or email about upcoming plans for the storm at TFA.

-Patty Myers