The First Hope Newsletter, Week of Feb. 25

Parents, please take a moment to mark your calendars. The following are important dates that you do not want to miss:
Thursday, 3/3/16 End of Quarter 3
Thursday, 3/3/16 PTF Meeting (8:15-9:15 AM, Cafe on the Rock)
Friday, 3/4/16 Beginning of Quarter 4
Thursday, 3/10/16 TFH Parent Tours for Prospective Students


A Message from Sarah Donovan, Principal of the Extended Educational Programs
The first inaugural TCS and The First Hope Father Daughter Dance was a huge success! It was an event filled with sweet treats, limo rides, fun pictures, endless dancing, and unforgettable memories! I want to extend a big thank you of appreciation to Candace Herbert, Lyn Burch, Christy Rivera, Lisa Lampkin, and Maria Cooper for making the event possible. What a beautiful start to a new tradition!

Sarah Donovan



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Our Transition+Secondary classes traveled to Equine Angels for a morning of therapeutic riding and participation in barn chores. The kids learned how to bathe, groom, and tack up the horses, as well as muck stalls and change water tubs. All of the students seemed to enjoy the opportunity to both work and ride and were very willing to try new things.

-Jennifer Pinckney
Program Support Coordinator



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Patty Myers and Jennifer Pinckney had the opportunity to visit Dr. Phillips High School’s Life Skills Lab and ESE classrooms. They were given a guided tour by Kathy Meena, a lead teacher and program developer in the autism program. As The First Hope develops its Transitions+ (Life Skills Program), there are plans to incorporate some of the opportunities modeled at Dr. Phillips. We are praying for a dedicated space in which to teach such skills as cooking, doing laundry, basic housekeeping, and job training. Expanding the program to include on site job training for our students both on and off campus is already taking place. Seeing the opportunities available to Mrs. Meena’s students, including gardening, animal care, cooking, and job opportunities at Winnie Palmer Hospital and the YMCA, inspired both Mrs. Myers and Mrs. Pinckney to continue to advocate for our First Hope students.

-Kelly Rapp
Program Assistant


Independence is always our goal at The First Hope. I know really looking at all the skills our kids should have can feel overwhelming, but you can always start with one skill. Parents I want to encourage you to pick just one skill at home that your child is not doing that he/she should be. Some examples are: chores such as washing dishes, making their lunch, picking out their own clothes to wear, doing laundry, setting the table, cleaning rooms, or taking out the trash. There are many more as you know, but look at each step of the skill and evaluate if they understand and know how to do each step. Visual schedules help most kids to understand what is expected of them and then once they are doing the steps without prompting then you can take the visual routine prompt away. We are a team: home and school. You can always ask us suggestions if you are not sure how to break it down for them. Start with just one at a time and set a time to talk about it and model for them when you begin. Make it fun and a time to engage with them.

-Patty Myers
Assistant Principal



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