The First Hope Newsletter, Week of March 10

Parents, please take a moment to mark your calendars. The following are important dates that you do not want to miss:

A Message from Sarah Donovan, Principal of the Extended Educational Programs
In a few days my daughter, Elle, is going to turn one. As I reflect on the blessings of her first year, I think about all of you- TCS, The First Hope, and Preschool parents. We have all been inducted into the ‘parent club’ and are forever bonded by this connection. What a joy to know that we are all on this journey together, not only with God at the helm, but with the comfort of knowing we are not alone. We can reach out to one another for love, support, and celebrations as parents. I encourage you to take time to celebrate one another and the amazing work you are doing as parents. So grateful for all of you!
Sarah Donovan



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Mrs. Rowley’s 2nd and 3rd graders are all smiles as they stop to pose for a picture. Bright, funny, and loving, these students are achieving new goals everyday and developing great friendships along the way.

-Jennifer Pinckney
Program Support Coordinator


Patty Myers
The First Hope Assistant Principal

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Patty Myers is our kind and fearless leader at The First Hope. Her earnest and compassionate heart is poured out daily over our program. To say that she loves her students, families, and staff is an understatement. Patty is a woman of deep rooted integrity and she works tirelessly to ensure that everyone around her is meeting his or her potential. It it truly a privilege to have such Christ revering leadership at The First Hope.

Kelly Rapp
-Program Assistant



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I was preparing for our next parent tours for today and I was so surprised at the numbers of families calling us for help from either out of the country or out of the state. They want to move here and be a part of what is happening at The First Hope. That is truly humbling. I love to talk about The First Hope. I love to share my heart and how we are working and helping students make gains in many areas. Our staff spend many hours outside of school hours to find different things to help our students, to create prompts or manipulatives. Our staff spend hours in meetings weekly discussing students and their growth or behavioral needs. God prepared us all to be here, to work with students who have unique challenges. Our staff are closing out Quarter 3, hard to believe and are looking at data in preparation for our parent conferences that will be right after Spring Break. Continue to pray for our staff as we work hard daily to find the areas our students need help and help them to be the independent students they can be.
Patty Myers
-Assistant Principal



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