The First Hope Newsletter, Week of May 19


Parents, please take a moment to mark your calendars. The following are important dates that you do not want to miss:



The excitement and emotions of graduation have wrapped around us at The First Academy. It is a time of reflection and nostalgia of taking the great leap into college. As our seniors at The Classical School and The First Academy’s 5 Day program take the walk toward their future on Friday night, I am reminded of what inspired me at that age. My dad often wrote quotes inside special books or cards during milestone moments of my life. Here is the quote he wrote to me as I began my journey to college, “The journey between what you once were and who you are now becoming is where the dance of life really takes place.” To the graduating seniors: enjoy the dance, be strong Christian leaders as you enter these new worlds, and take advantage of opportunities to travel and experience this beautiful world. To all Extended Educational Program families, please join me in praying for the Class of 2016. We are so proud of you all!


Field Day and Field Trips

It was a week of celebrations and fun for the students of First Hope. The Kindergarten thru 5th grade students enjoyed Field Day with their TCS peers. From sack races and water relays to the t-shirt race, the kids cheered each other on and enjoyed spending time together outside of the classroom.

Field day antonella field day IMG_20160510_102226

The Kindergarten thru 4th-grade students went to the Crayola Experience for their end of year field trip.  Highlights included traveling by chartered bus, writing on the chalkboard and dry erase walls, playing on the indoor playground, and creating art thru color technology.

bus pic   crayola meadow at crayola   coloring on walls

The 5th thru 12th-grade students ventured to Fun Spot for a day of bumper cars, roller coasters, and a  peek at the alligator exhibit. Students and staff had an exhilarating time and created some fun filled memories.

charlie on the coaster    fun spot michael on go cart       fun spot aligator


Jennifer Pinckney

Program Support Coordinator


Kristen Moran

Kristen Moran

Occupational Therapist Assistant

Kristen works with our students helping them improve gross and fine motor skills, social skills, sensory processing and many other skills that help our students succeed. She enjoys getting to know each child, watching them meet personal goals and celebrating their achievements throughout the school year. Kristen feels blessed to be able to work in a career that allows her to help children grow and reach their full potential.

Kelly Rapp

Program Assistant




One of our Hope Award Winners is Katie Covey from The Classical School.

Daniel Myers, one of our student’s mothers wrote a note about how grateful she is for the inclusion program.

“Thank you so much for awarding Katie the Hope award.  She is an awesome friend to Daniel and has
been such a blessing to him this year.  I just wanted to share with you a photo of a note that she gave him
on Thursday.  It gives me such peace knowing that I send Daniel to school in a place where he is loved not only by the staff but by his peers as well. Daniel loves his friends in Mrs. Truex’s class and I am so glad that he feels loved by them as well.
When I would drop Daniel off in the morning for class Katie always made sure that she had a chair next to her for Daniel to sit in and join her in the morning activity. Daniel looked forward to playing with Katie and was excited to tell me what they did at school.
Attached in the note, it made my heart smile (and brought a few tears to my eyes)  All we want for our kids
is for them to feel accepted and loved 🙂 “
Thank you, Gina for sharing how The First Hope partnering with The Classical School is making a difference in your son’s life.
Hope Award
The other Hope Award winners were Krystal Jimenez, Noah Ruiz, and Austin Hornsby.  Congratulations!
Patty Myers