The Snowball Express

The Snowball Express is a 4-day event at Disney World sponsored by the Gary Sinise Foundation for Gold Star Families from across the United States. These are families with children who have lost a parent while in full-time military service. The focus of this amazing program is to help these families, who have sacrificed so much, create new and happy memories during a difficult time of the year. Last year over 250 TFA students, parents, and faculty participated in creating a wonderful experience for the 722 Snowball Children and had an amazing time doing so.

You can watch a video recap of TFA’s participation here:

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Snowball Express was extremely grateful for the contributions of TFA and this year we hope to exceed their expectations. The “main event” that we participate in is welcoming all of the families on arrival day at the Coronado Springs Resort on Saturday, December 7th. There are a number of tasks that we performed last year and they are listed as part of the sign-up process, but we learned that volunteers need to be prepared to go where they are needed as the event has many moving parts that are changing constantly. All roles are critical to the success of the event and all are equally important, so please keep that in mind. We hope that many more will choose to participate this year!

A Few Guidelines:


We truly look forward to partnering with our TFA families to serve these Gold Star families during the holiday season. If you do register to volunteer for Snowball Express, we will be in touch as the date nears with necessary further details and instructions. Thank you and God bless.

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