Written by Dr. Steve Whitaker, Head of School

TFA senior Amelia ‘Millie’ Starcher has sparked a movement that she hopes will live on past her days at TFA. She has spent time reflecting on what it would be like to walk in our International Chinese students’ shoes. How would she want to be treated? What fellowship opportunities would she need to build friendships? Her thoughts and prayers have turned into action. With the support of Mr. Manning and Ms. de la Fe, Millie organized our first ‘International Ambassadors’ program. On Tuesday, February 27, fifty students gathered, half Chinese International and half American, for lunch in Mr. Manning’s Mandarin classroom to enjoy ‘getting to know you’ games and fellowship with one another. The students’ goal is for this to become a regular event to bring two worlds into one as a foundation for Spiritual Formation. Millie plans to pass the torch of leading this charge after she graduates in May.

“I want the Chinese students to know that TFA students are praying for them. My goal is for this to become a time of friendship and fellowship so that the gospel can be shared. Tuesday’s lunch exceeded my expectations and was an incredible event. Everyone jumped right into speaking and sharing with one another. The room was filled with laughter and fun. It was so rewarding.” Millie Starcher

“This honestly had me in tears. It had been something we had wanted to see for so long. Having a student wanting it and to see the enthusiasm from all was truly all God today. To Him be the Glory for all that is ahead. My heart couldn’t have been any fuller than at lunch today️-the Chinese students don’t know this, but each student’s American buddy has committed to pray for them specifically, thanks to insight from Keith. Millie is a senior …. so much for senioritis! She really wanted to see this launch before she left, mostly because we all don’t know what opportunities these students have ahead to see Christ’s love lived out.” Julie de la Fe

Student leaders like Millie and the International Ambassadors exemplify TFA’s Portrait of a Graduate. They have a heart to serve others and create a connection in Christ. The International Ministry at The First Academy is blessed to have student and teacher leaders creating opportunities for our two worlds to become one. Thank you, Millie, for putting “First Things First” through this special initiative.

To learn more about our International Program, visit HERE.