What Makes a Lady in 2016

Written by Dr. Whitaker, Head of School

There is a 50 percent chance that you (the reader) currently have or once had, a daughter in your home. Those of us who have girls in our homes often feel like we are working against a tide that undermines God’s original design for the feminine gender.

A recent issue of a British magazine (Country Living) purported to list the 39 things that make a woman a Lady. Martha MacCallum, Fox News TV personality, asked some thoughtful questions: “Being a ‘lady’ used to be something to which all young women aspired. In a society that praises academic, athletic, and career accomplishment, is there still value placed on being a ‘lady?’ Did feminism make lady-like behavior anachronistic, or disdainful?” She created her list a few days later.

Here are a few of the items that, in Martha’s opinion, make a lady . . .

  1. She always sends a thank-you note. Handwritten notes are best but in a pinch, a thoughtful email will do.
  2. She never squabbles over the bill.
  3. She reads actual books and newspapers and limits the use of Oprah or Ellen as reliable sources of news.
  4. She is a team player, not a diva.
  5. She discreetly touches her teeth, to signal when there is a poppy seed stuck in yours.
  6. She is conversant in art and politics.
  7. She does her homework in school, before a meeting or a dinner party.
  8. She knows that giving is better than receiving.
  9. She need not be wealthy, or well-educated – there are plenty of women who are both, who are not.
  10.   She makes a home for her family – no matter how modest, it’s warm and inviting.
  11.   She makes her husband/boyfriend feel like a hero and knows it does not diminish her in any way.
  12.   She puts her smartphone away and her hand over her heart during the National Anthem at football games.
  13.   She accepts criticism and praise with equal grace.

I’m sure we would all have varying degrees of agreement with Martha and her list. However, a more reliable description for Christian parents can be found in Proverbs 31. Let me encourage you to review Martha’s list again, read what the Bible says, and begin working on your plan for raising women of virtue and grace.

In His Joy,

Steve Whitaker, Ph.D.
Head of School

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