A Message From The COVID Response Team

Do you prefer face-to-face learning or hybrid learning from home? Almost all of us prefer coming to school. However, there are some indications that we need to take more seriously the collective responsibility we all have to keep us all coming to school.

On October 28 we sent an email encouraging families to be cautious, thoughtful, and deferential toward others within the school community. When we hear about events that may impact our shared commitment to one another in this area, we are concerned.

We are not making a scientific statement about our protocols. We are telling you that adhering to these protocols is the only way to make sure that we all stay in school based on the restriction in place by the Orange County Health Department related to contact tracing.

Moving forward, off-campus gatherings of students in all grade levels where we believe protocols may not have been followed may result in a 14-day mandatory quarantine regardless of a COVID diagnosis being identified at the event. This may apply to all students in attendance. Please consider this before hosting or attending such an event. This is being done to protect those who are following the protocols so that they can continue enjoying the benefits of face-to-face learning.

Let’s renew our commitment to one another and do all that is needed to remain in school. Thank you for your encouragement and support during this season.

The COVID Response Team