Written by Dr. Steve Whitaker, Head of School

What is The Royal Nation? It is a close-knit community. It is world-class teachers who invest in our future entrepreneurs, innovators, and leaders. It is a place where all are celebrated for their God-given abilities and talents. A commitment to training the next generation of Christian leaders is the driving passion behind everything we do at The First Academy. It shapes our curriculum. It shapes our business practices. It fuels our desire for excellence in every aspect of our institution. Many of the benefits that we enjoy today as part of The Royal Nation were provided through The Royal Nation Fund. As we enter the most wonderful time of the year, many of us begin to think about how we can financially support those organizations and ministries that are close to our hearts. The National Christian Foundation has an excellent resource to use as a reference point as you begin to plan your year-end giving. You can access their Guide to the Giving Season HERE.

At The First Academy, we are committed to doing the hard work of securing the needed resources to ensure that our faculty and staff have everything they need in order to best equip our students for the days ahead. Without your partnership, these efforts would fall woefully short. We believe that it is because of families like yours, who are willing to lock arms with us and share their resources from a heart of Christian generosity, that The First Academy is able to execute our mission. As you review the Guide to the Giving Season, I ask that you and your family consider making a lasting impact at The First Academy by making a gift to the Royal Nation Fund and the Gather project.

This year within the Royal Nation Fund we have launched an exciting project, the Gather project, that will impact all of our students. Gather is a reimagined and redesigned TFA dining and gathering space. This will be a beautifully renovated area (which already exists as part of the Natalie Thomas Gymnasium) that will serve as a dedicated dining facility for all of our students as well as a multi-purpose event, meeting, and gathering space for the TFA community. In addition to the renovated dining area indoors, a beautiful outdoor area will be added that can also serve as a multi-purpose event space.

Would you please prayerfully consider partnering with us to ensure that we are able to continue building upon our mission of training the next generation of Christian leaders? You can give today using the form below. Your partnership is valued, and on behalf of The Royal Nation, we say thank you!

Learn more about Gather HERE.

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