First Word Devotions

We are delighted for the return of First Word devotions, with the Whitakers sharing a daily word of encouragement to our Royals. Read or listen to the latest devotion below: January 21 January 20 January 19 January 18 January 14 January 13 January 12 January 11 January 10 January 7 January 6 January 5 January 4 Previous editions Read More.

Caring For Students

tress, Anxiety, and Depression: Caring for Students One of my greatest concerns entering the 2021-22 school year was the adverse impact the pandemic, cultural unrest, and spiritual warfare had on... Read More.

Fine Arts Team Spotlight

Cynthia Collins What is your role at TFA? 3D Visual Arts Instructor - because God created all things, it is easy to teach Art with Him as the focus. I strive to teach the visual arts in a way that... Read More.

Athletics Team Spotlight

Bo Burgess What is your role at TFA? Sports Information Coordinator/MS Athletics Coordinator - I facilitate most of our external communications/media responsibilities. I also assist with all of... Read More.

A Special Thank You

What makes The First Academy school family so special is our community that is centered on God’s love. We reignited this spirit of Christian community when we chose to welcome parents back to campus... Read More.

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