What Makes A Great Teacher?

Written by Dr. Steve Whitaker, Head of School What makes a great teacher? Teaching is one of the most complicated jobs today. It demands broad knowledge of subject matter, curriculum, and standards; enthusiasm, a caring attitude, and a love of learning; knowledge of discipline and classroom management techniques; and a desire to make a difference in the lives of young people. With all these qualities required, it’s no wonder that it’s hard... Read More.

Alumni Spotlight: Vic Thomas

I attended The First Academy for 13 years, graduating in 2015. God used TFA in a mighty way when I was young in order to support my family in a time of need. My mom, Natalie Thomas, battled through... Read More.

The Snowball Express

The Snowball Express is a 4-day event at Disney World sponsored by the Gary Sinise Foundation for Gold Star Families from across the United States. These are families with children who have lost a... Read More.

Thank You. Seriously.

Dear TFA Families, If we had to make a list of the things that we are thankful for thus far for the 2019-2020 school year, the new covered walkways would certainly make that list. I have seen the... Read More.

Hurricane Dorian Updates

Wednesday, 9/4/2019, 12:48 pm Dear TFA Families, We are praying that all of our families have made it safely through the storm. The First Academy will reopen and school will resume tomorrow... Read More.

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