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As we prepare to welcome back students on August 12, we have surrounded ourselves with experts and key stakeholders who are guiding the campus reopening. Their good work reminds us that reopening the campus is not an event but a process.

Together we will provide answers to questions about what classes and other campus interactions might look like for next year. We will communicate with you about enhanced cleaning, classroom procedures, campus security, and health and wellness implementations. We will be proactive in anticipating and meeting the needs of our students, faculty, and staff each step of the way.

Along with weekly updates, we will be providing the Royal Reopening Guide. This publication will have three volumes over the course of the summer. Volume 1 is provided below.

Reopening Task Force

It is my pleasure to introduce those TFA community members and faculty/staff who are serving on both the Medical Advisory Committee and the Reopening Task Force. They are guiding the reopening process with great care and concern.

The Medical Advisory Committee includes Whitner S. Davis, MD | Emergency Medicine, Orlando Health; William Adamson, MD | Pediatric Surgeon, Nemours; John M Davidyock, MD | Associate Chief Medical Officer, Advent Health; Denise Serafin, MD | Pediatrician, Windermere Pediatrics; Wendy S. Quirino, MD | Obstetrics-Gynecology, Women’s Care Florida; Karim Alarakhia, MD | Anesthesiology, Orlando Health; Melissa Pifer, RN | School Nurse, TFA; Brian Rose | Assistant Head of School; Gissel Valois | Director of Strategic Initiatives

The Reopening Task Force includes Patti Keator, Nikki Kearn, Charles “Bill” Davidson, Sonya Dixon, Laura Eitel, Katherine Johnson, Jennifer Jackson, Shayne Grove, Rob Hensley, Scott Toenges, Karen Combs, Fran Williams, Gissel Valois, Sarah Donovan and Brian Rose (Co-Chairs), Steve D. Whitaker (Ex officio).

Strategic Communication

Stay updated with the latest information on The First Academy’s Royal Re-Opening Plan with our weekly updates:

For the latest Calendar Updates, click here.

Campus Visitors

Click here to stay updated with the latest information on The First Academy’s Health and Safety Guidelines.

Interested in an on-campus Personal Tour? Click here to schedule your tour and learn more about The First Academy.

Important Dates

  • June 8 – Weight Room Reopening
  • June 15-25 – Upper School Summer Courses
  • August 12 – First Day of School

Important Info

  • We are Open! Schedule an on-campus or virtual Personal Tour online here
  • Summer Office Hours: Monday-Friday from 9:00am – 4:00pm
  • Royal Store Summer Hours: Tuesdays from 9:00am – 3:00pm or order online here

Back to School Information

In the sections below, you will find the most important information regarding Back to School. As more information becomes available, new sections will be added below.

The TFA Top 15 Parent-Student Handbook Items are designed to bolster the relationship between home, church, and school. These items do not define who is and who is not a Christ-follower. They are not a measure of one’s spiritual maturity. They are simply a set of principles that guide our partnership with parents in raising the next generation of Christian leaders. Please read these important highlights online here.

School Start & Dismissal Times

Start Time

Grades K4-5………………..Monday – Friday……………… 8:00 am

Grades 6-12…………………Monday – Friday……………… 7:50 am

Dismissal Time

Grades K4-12 Monday – Friday……………………………… 2:45 pm

More information regarding drop-off and dismissal procedures will be released in the Royal Reopening Guide Volume 2.

Uniforms & Dress Code

Our school uniform provider is Dennis Uniforms. They are located at 1101 North Keller Road, Orlando, FL.


Our Uniform Policy is as stated below:

  • Shorts/skirts must be no higher than 5 inches from the knee when standing.This is the same size as an index card.
  • Although Dennis Uniforms will remain our uniform vendor, students may purchase similar-style shorts/skirts/pants from other vendors to ensure fit follows the 5-inch rule.
  • All shorts/skirts/pants/jeans must be a solid color, plain front with no patches, rips, tears, holes, patches, studs, accessories, or extra pockets. Students in grades 6-12 may wear jeans five days a week.
  • Both Dennis collared shirts and approved TFA-branded collared shirts (sold at the Royal Store) will be allowed during the school week.T-shirts may only be worn on Fridays or approved “Spirit Wear” days.
  • Acceptable shorts/skirts/pants colors include khaki, gray, charcoal, shades of blue, and black.
  • For everyone’s safety, security, and building access, all students in grades 6-12 will be required to wear a lanyard and student ID. Students in grades 6-12 will be provided with a new lanyard and ID prox card at the beginning of the school year. Lanyard/student ID must be worn around your neck or clipped to the top of your shirt (NOT in a pocket or backpack). Additional information is available on the Technology webpage.

Below you will find the supply lists for 5-Day students. Note, supply lists are linked Google Docs that may be updated by teachers.

Lower School

Middle School 

Upper School

Supply lists for grades 9-12 vary with each course and teacher. Upper School teachers will have their supply lists available during Meet The Teacher.

ParentsWeb is now Family Portal

Family Portal is a private and secure website that allows you to see complete information specific to your student(s) such as Attendance, Daily Grades, Progress Reports, Lesson Plans, Homework, Discipline, Staff and School Directory, Teacher e-mail addresses, and other school information.

A link to the Family Portal login page may be found in the top, right corner of The First Academy website’s homepage.

For more information on using Family Portal by FACTS, click here.

Follow the links for the important information on the following topics to help make your family’s 2020-21 school year a success:

The After Care Program is available for students of all grade levels in K4-12. For more information and to register, click here.

Pricing Structure

Several pricing plans are available for the After School Program depending on the needs of the family and the frequency of use.

Unlimited Use

An unlimited use ticket qualifies participants to use the After School program any time it is open. The cost is $1,880 per year, which may be paid in full or by payments made in FACTS. The Unlimited Use ticket should be purchased online at the After School Program page.

Occasional Use

Occasional Use tickets may be purchased online (30 hours for $265 or 15 hours for $165). Minutes are deducted from the ticket as they are used. Tickets may be split among siblings of any grades and can be carried over from one year to the next. No refunds for unused hours will be given. Parents will be notified when a new ticket should be purchased. Tickets should be purchased online at the After School Program page.

Emergency Use

We provide emergency care for unforeseeable events. The charge is $15.00 per hour, or any portion thereof. These fees can be paid online prior to use or when you are billed for usage time.

Late charges apply for all payment plans. The charge is $10.00 per quarter-hour.


Mondays – Fridays

Students have snack time, homework time, and free play inside and outside. Special on-campus activities are also scheduled throughout the year.

After School Care is closed on all official holidays, school holidays, and on Teacher Work Days. Please check TFA’s Annual Calendar for more information.

Annual Calendar

Click here for the 2020-2021 Annual Calendar.

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