I had the privilege of attending The First Academy for 13 years and graduated in May, 2009. I went on to attend Samford University, Birmingham, Alabama where I majored in Entrepreneurship with a minor in Journalism and Mass Communication.

I graduated from Samford in May of 2013. It was during my colleges days that I met the love of my life, Houston Hough. Houston was my brother Michael’s best friend. We were married in March of 2014.

I am currently a Project Manager of Merchandise Marketing – Hardware Department for The Home Depot. I really enjoy my work. My husband and I attend Buckhead Church, head pastor Andy Stanley, and have met some wonderful friends through different Bible Studies. During my spare time I count it a joy to volunteer as a member of Junior League of Atlanta, the Atlanta Mission Women’s Homeless Shelter, and My Sister’s House.

As I reflect back on my time at TFA I want to say I was blessed by so many incredible faculty, staff, and coaches. I am sure I will leave someone out but these teachers and coaches had a profound impact on my life. Mrs. Pennington’s classroom was where I memorized so many wonderful passages of scripture and pieces of American history. I wish I could remember them all now, but every once in a while I surprise friends that I can name every US president. Mrs. Morabito taught me to live my life above reproach. The skills I learned in her class practicing in front of a camera for Raw Footage, circa 2009, gave me the confidence for presentations in college and now at work. I was recently the emcee for an All Hands Meeting for our marketing team at Home Depot and remembered thinking how comfortable I felt with a microphone in my hand talking to over 600 colleagues. I know that confidence was instilled in me from many, including Mrs. Morabito. My basketball and cheerleading coaches also had a great impact on my life. They taught me the importance of hard work, focus, and teamwork.

I am thankful to my parents for giving me the opportunity to attend TFA. They, along with my church and TFA, have shaped me into who I am today. All praise to Christ my redeemer.