Learning Intentionally Enhanced

Learning-i.e. serves students at The First Academy in two distinct ways: enrichment classes for Lower School students who qualify as academically talented or gifted, and support services for students with documented disabilities in grades two through twelve.

Learning-i.e. Enrichment Classes

The Enrichment classes are designed for academically talented and gifted students in Grades K-5. Kindergarten classes begin the second half of the school year. Students are invited to attend based on standardized test scores as well as classroom achievement. This program is self-funded and not covered as part of tuition or grade-level activity fees. Therefore, there is an additional yearly fee to be a part of the program. To learn more and find out how to enroll visit the Enrichment and Support page.

Learning-i.e. Support Services

The First Academy offers reasonable classroom accommodations for all students with a documented disability. If instructional support is needed beyond what the classroom teacher can reasonably provide, services through Learning-i.e. are available at an additional cost. Learning-i.e. serves students with documented learning differences as well as health or physical restrictions. Learning-i.e. staff is trained in exceptional student education in order to provide instructional support and to effectively coordinate related services. The goal for students served through Learning-i.e. is to learn strategies related to their particular disability, gradually needing less individualized instructional support, and eventually independently advocating for themselves in the college-preparatory learning environment. To learn more and find out how to enroll, click here.