Laying the Groundwork, Academically and Spiritually

Your child’s elementary years will set the foundation and pace for future learning and wellbeing. You want a place for your little learner to be recognized, loved, and valued daily for their gifts and strengths as well as any areas that might need extra attention. You want to see more than just comprehension of concepts — you want your child to be able to apply those concepts as well, so they can continue to build on what they’ve learned throughout middle and high school.

At The First Academy, we practice what we teach through our Living Curriculum teachers, who infuse learning with joy and creativity, and are role models living out Christian values inside and outside the classroom. Through small class sizes, our dedicated educators are able to really get to know their students individually, including identifying how they learn best. Enrichment classes are available for Lower School students who qualify as academically talented or gifted.

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Elementary school is such a fun time for The First Academy students as they continue soaking up information and finding joy in exploring the world around them.

Mastery of Core Subjects

Differentiated instruction. Hands-on learning. Collaborative projects. Field trips. Elementary students master core content — Bible, language arts, math, reading, science, and social studies — through engaging activities. Find out more about our approach to learning in our Parent Information Packet.

Meet a Teacher

Sarah Rosario

Degree: Bachelor’s in Marketing, Master’s in Art of Teaching, and Specialist in Educational Leadership

Teaching: Experience: 11 years

“I am truly blessed to work in an environment where Jesus is the cornerstone in every decision, every relationship, and every task that is to be carried out. As a teacher and TFA parent, I have peace in knowing that my students, my children, and I are not only safe but growing closer to God every day. “

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