2018 Best Private School of Orlando MagazineThe academic goal at The First Academy is to provide the best tools for each student to learn, excel in college, and comprehend with a Christian worldview. Students are strongly encouraged to be diligent in both their faith and their studies. The Faculty employ the Living Curriculum, partnering with parents to educate students for Kingdom service and ministry. The curriculum of each division broadens the gaps in public school education and facilitates the route to become well-rounded, young adults.

Science Students

Upper School

The focus of the Upper School is to ready our students for the academic and real-life pressures of college. Students will adjust between college preparatory, Advanced Placement and Dual Enrollment schedules to sustain a personally appropriate challenge. The Arts and Athletics are at a fundamental point in each students academic career so opportunities to participate are abound: ninety-two percent of Upper School Students are active in school related extracurriculars, including student lead chapel services. By instilling wisdom beyond scholarship, The First Academy can accurately state 100% of graduates have been accepted into college.
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Middle School Students at the Lockers

Middle School

The First Academy Middle School, composed of grades 7 and 8, strives to break the pressures posed in the young adolescent age with challenging intellectual, physical and spiritual philosophies. Curricula is designed to deal with pressure from peers, parents and society, while building a moral compass in each student. Students will develop a strong self-worth, purpose, security and acceptance. The Middle School offers an emotional safe haven for growth and maturity, focusing on character before career and service before self.
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Lower School Students

Lower School

While the main goal of the Lower School is to create a loving environment that stimulates learning, Christian values are instilled into each lesson. Team leaders meet to build a curriculum that provide a strong academic foundation in math, reading, science, worship, history, the arts and athletics. Students are encouraged from a young age to participate in extracurriculars with multi opportunities each year.
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Reading with TeacherPreschool

The Preschool, or Early Learning Center, provides a nurturing Christ-centered learning environment for children ages 8 weeks through 3 years of age. The core curriculum, Handwriting Without Tears, addresses the language, literacy, handwriting, reading, math, and science components of our curriculum. This curriculum encourages the strengthening of fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination and introduces our children to the basic strokes of letter formation. The social and emotional component of our curriculum is Dr. Becky Bailey’s “Conscious Discipline”. Conscious Discipline, a brain-based approach, helps a child grow daily in an environment that ensures they feel safe and loved. Our spiritual curriculum is based on the “Wee Learn” curriculum, The Preschooler’s Bible, and The Children’s Bible. Every child is given the opportunity to flourish developmentally, socially, emotionally, and spiritually.
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The Classical School

The Classical School’s program is designed for home school families and offers classes from kindergarten through grade 12. The curriculum offers both enrichment activities and academic classes that center on critical thinking skills within a Christian context. The Classical School uses the classical approach to education. While traditional curricula are used in the classroom, teaching methods are structured along classical lines in order to blend with a child’s natural learning strengths during the developmental stages. The program is designed for families who want their children to experience the benefits of on campus classes with a hybrid home school experience. Athletic opportunities are available in most sports through The First Academy’s extensive program.
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The First Hope

The First Hope is a program with an exceptional approach to teaching children with disabilities cognitively and spiritually. The First Hope offers two exclusive programs centered on Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) goals. The Inclusion Program offers an opportunity for students to learn and participate with typical peers every Tuesday and Thursday. The goal for our students is independence and data driven academic progress.
The Transitions+ Program gives students an opportunity to learn about and participate in social skills, job training, self-care, and general life preparedness skills. Students follow a Math and Reading curriculum and participate in group events, such as field day and chapel. The McKay scholarship is accepted for both programs.
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The Virtual Academy

The Virtual Academy is designed to deliver the most flexible and rigorous academic schedules to our students. Students have two programs to opt for: Full-Time or Hybrid, as well as the ability to take Individual courses.

Full-time students take six or more online courses with The Virtual Academy. These students have the added convenience of zero on-premise campus attendance requirements. The Full-time program offers a Christian worldview designed to fit any situation: from the homeschool student who excels beyond their parent’s expertise, to the FLVS student looking for a challenge; from the student abroad who would rather not attend a boarding school, to the on-the-go family looking for community. This program is designed with you in mind.

The Hybrid Program allows enrolled Upper School Students to take their first three or last three courses virtually. This permits these students to leave earlier or arrive later than usual. Hybrid students are required to attend in-person at The First Academy for the non-virtual block. This model allows students with morning or afternoon responsibilities to complete their virtual courses when time permits, perfect for the student athletes, performers, and those working.

The Individual option allows students to add one or more courses to their schedule. Non-virtual students running into scheduling conflicts may find the Individual option to be beneficial, allowing them to take their desired courses when otherwise not available in person. Others may use this option to get ahead in their studies or meet specific course prerequisites.

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  • Facts at a Glance

    • 21,102

      Volunteer hours given by the Upper School Students last year.
    • 1,460

      Alumni since 1986.
  • The First Academy is Accredited by:

    • Florida Council of Independent Schools
    • Florida Kindergarten Council
    • Southern Association of Independent Schools
    • AdvancEd Southern Association of Colleges & Schools
    • Council on Educational Standards & Accountability
    • Association of Christian Schools International
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