Investing in The First Academy Education

As a parent, you understand how important it is for your child to feel individually known, loved, valued, and understood in their learning environment. You want them to be challenged academically, and supported emotionally and socially.

There are things a private Christian education can offer your child — academics taught from a biblical perspective, enrichment opportunities to learn, serve, and lead, teachers who model Christian values  — and you know that your child’s environment will impact their academic readiness and spiritual formation.

At The First Academy, we have been ensuring our graduates are prepared for college, careers, and serving their communities. How do we do it?

Our college preparatory curriculum starts building a solid foundation in elementary school and culminates in high school students taking dual enrollment, Advanced Placement, and concurrent courses.

Students explore passions and interests through electives, clubs and organizations, and extracurriculars. Whether it’s mastering a foreign language or performing on stage, there is an opportunity for exploration.

With 32 sports and athletic competition starting as early as kindergarten prep, The First Academy students have access to exceptional facilities, including our athletic complex, stadium, and tennis center.

Our Living Curriculum teachers are so much more than experienced educators — they are also modeling the word of Christ inside and outside the classroom.

We guide our students and keep them grounded through our biblical worldview and Christ-centered curriculum, weekly chapel, Bible study, Living Curriculum teachers, and guidance counselors on staff.

Download our Parent Information Packet to learn why The First Academy is Central Florida’s first choice for Christian education.

What an excellent school, with its great administration, excellent teachers, top-notch academics and extra curricular activities, TFA is easily our top choice in Central Florida. Our family couldn’t be happier! Yes, it’s an investment, but the return on investment is very high … worth every penny.

J. Wheeler, The First Academy Lower School Parent

How much does it cost?

Affordability is an important consideration for parents, which is why we offer state scholarships, payment plans, and affordability options that are tailored to meet the needs of qualifying families.

As you consider The First Academy, we welcome your questions about tuition, payment plans, or whatever else comes to mind. Our admissions team is here to help you process this decision, so you can decide which learning environment is best for your child with confidence.

When you apply, the process is confidential and your application is submitted to a third-party service. After the application is complete and processed, we’ll be able to tell you exactly what your family’s tuition costs will be. Many families are pleased to find out that a The First Academy education is truly affordable to them. 

The 2024-2025 applications are now live.

Preschool – 12th Tuition for 2024-2025
Preschool (8 Weeks to 3-Years-Old)Click Here
Kindergarten Prep Four-Year-Olds  $12,860
Transitional Kindergarten$14,300
Grades 1-4$19,100
Grades 5-6$20,910
Grades 7-8$22,750
Grades 9-11$24,780
Grade 12$25,280

Extended Education Programs Tuition & Fees for 2024-2025

The Classical School (Hybrid Homeschool)

The First Hope (Unique Abilities)

Learn more about The Classical School and The First Hope.

Schedule a Tour

We invite you to experience the value of a The First Academy education for yourself by scheduling a visit to campus. See our upcoming Open House dates, or request a private tour. We look forward to showing you around and sharing more about the opportunities available for your child here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any fees in addition to tuition?

Knowing a school’s fees is just as important as knowing the tuition. While most schools charge additional fees for educational resources, such as books and technology, The First Academy does not. These expenses are already included in tuition, and our fees are approximately half of the cost charged by other Central Florida private schools.

Every grade level plans special events and activities that vary from year to year. These are reflected in the grade-level fees outlined below.

What is FACTS?

FACTS is a third-party company The First Academy uses for aid assessments and tuition management. FACTS Grant & Aid Assessment determining eligibility for need-based financial assistance. FACTS Tuition Management is an online platform for paying tuition.

Do you offer payment plans?

We offer two payment plan options:

We offer two payment plan options:

  • Monthly
    Monthly Payments will be withdrawn by FACTS Tuition from a bank account. Pay dates to choose from are the 5th of each month. For monthly payment plans, there is a one-time service charge of $250 per student. Credit card payments will have an additional convenience fee assessed.
  • Annually
    Annual tuition payments are due by April 5. FACTS tuition will bill the full tuition in April for the upcoming school year, and the invoiced amount will include a 1% discount. Payments can be made to FACTS by check, checking account withdrawal, or credit card. Credit card payments will have an additional convenience fee assessed.

Do you offer tuition assistance?

The First Academy is committed to providing families with tuition affordability options and opportunities. Each family is unique and we seek to assist families in attaining a high-quality Christian education to the greatest extent possible.

At this time, The First Academy’s tuition assistance is only available for current, qualifying families.

Tuition assistance (also referred to as financial aid, variable tuition, or indexed tuition) is a reduction of full tuition. The amount of financial need-based assistance is determined by a third-party company, FACTS Grant & Aid. 

For our current families interested in applying for tuition assistance, the FACTS application can be started by logging in to FACTS, choosing FACTS, then “Start Application” under “Grant & Aid.”

Do you accept any Florida Department of Education Scholarships?

The First Academy accepts several Florida Department of Education scholarships administered by Step Up For Students, including:

Family Empowerment Scholarship for Educational Options 

The Family Empowerment Scholarship Program was enacted in 2019 and is designed to give more families access to private school education. The Family Empowerment Scholarship for Educational Options (FES-EO) scholarship is accepted for students in The First Academy’s 5-day program in grades K-12. To be eligible to receive this scholarship, your family must meet certain income requirements. To find out more information about the application process, please visit the Step Up For Students website.

Family Empowerment Unique Abilities Scholarship

The Family Empowerment Scholarship for Students with Unique Abilities (FES-UA) is different than other state scholarships in that it allows parents to personalize the education of their children with unique abilities by directing money toward a combination of programs and approved providers. These include schools, therapists, specialists, curriculum, technology – even a college savings account. This scholarship can be used for tuition at The First Academy 5-day program or The First Hope of The First Academy program for students ages 3 through twelfth grade or age 22, whichever comes first.

Families who receive the FES-UA scholarship for at least one student in their family, automatically qualify for the FES-EO scholarship for all other K-12 students in the family, regardless of household income. For more information about qualification requirements and to apply for this scholarship, please visit the Step Up For Students website.

The Hope Scholarship 

The Hope Scholarship was created to give parents the option to place their student in a safer school environment. This scholarship is accepted for students in The First Academy’s 5-day program. To find out more information about the Hope Scholarship, please visit the Step Up For Students website

The deadline for Step Up for students for 2023 -2024 is Friday, December 15.

What about other options for affording tuition?

Some First Academy families take advantage of the following options for affording tuition:

529 Plan

Under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (December 2017), qualified distributions of up to $10,000 per year from 529 plans are allowed for K-12 tuition at any private school.

Coverdell Education Savings Account

Parents who meet certain income guidelines are eligible to contribute up to $2,000 per year to a Coverdell ESA. Contributions are made from your after-tax income, and earnings on those contributions grow tax-free. Distributions from these accounts aren’t taxed if they are used for qualified education expenses such as private school tuition and fees, books, supplies, uniforms, and tutoring.

Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account

If your employer offers a Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account, funds you deposit can be used toward eligible dependent care expenses. Since contributions to a Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account are pre-tax, it can be a great way to save on your overall expenses. Eligible dependent care expenses include afterschool programs, Kindergarten Prep 3 or 4 tuition, and even summer camps for dependent children under the age of 13. To find out how this might impact your personal situation, make sure to talk to your accountant or financial advisor.

Roth IRA

Roth IRA contributions (not investment returns) can be distributed at any age without penalty. This can be a great way to fund private school tuition as the investment earnings keep growing after withdrawing the original contributions. You should never compromise your future financial security. If you determine that you don’t need to rely on these funds for retirement and you enact proper investment strategies, a Roth IRA can be a great way to help fund your private school education. 

Other Family Assistance

Grandparents and other family members may be willing to help support your student with the gift of tuition. Whether they contribute by directly paying a portion of your student’s tuition or by investing in one of the options outlined above, this can be an invaluable resource for the education of your student.

My child is a non-US resident. Are there any additional fees for international students?

Non-US residents will pay a $3,750 fee per student (new or returning). For more information on international admissions, please visit our Admissions FAQ page.

What is your policy on tuition refunds?

For more information about refunds for if/when a student withdrawals from The First Academy, please visit our Tuition Refund Program section.

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