Upper School Arts

Competitive Creativity

The First Academy Upper School offers a challenging Arts program with electives in each discipline. Students who want to get a jump start on college courses can even take AP arts programs, and join the National Art Honor Society.

Want to refine your craft? Work your way up to AP Studio Art through the Upper School Visual Arts. Students can improve their conceptual and technical drawing skills through 2D Art, or learn to master the medium of clay and more through Art 3D or Ceramics.

Started to act, sing or dance? Try out for our next play, or register for one of the many Theatre classes. Prefer to build the set? Take Stagecraft and learn the technical, lighting and rigging side. More of the singer are you? Take a Choir or Musical Theatre course.

Find yourself arguing? Master that skill in the Upper School’s Debate course. Learn to counter-arguments and speak publicly on your viewpoint.

Musically inclined? The Upper School Band offers an array of challenging and beginner Band courses. Get involved with the Marching Band and look forward to a Thanksgiving Marching spectacle.

Enjoy Television? Take Media Production and get a glimpse at the life of a reporter. Learn how to digitally edit film and help produce ‘Raw Footage’ the Upper School Broadcast program.

Are you a visual person? Maybe you prefer words? Then the Legacy Yearbook program is right for you! Students learn the crafts of reporting or digital photography. Then they have the opportunity to become a member of the Legacy Yearbook Staff, which produces TFA’s yearbook each year.