Becky graduated from TFA in 2002 and completed her Bachelors from Rollins College. During high school at TFA, she had the opportunity to participate in Mrs. Morabito’s media class & work on the first weekly news show at TFA. After working on RAW FOOTAGE she knew she wanted to work in the television industry. Becky spent time in college interning for CBS Evening News & BET Nightly News in Washington DC. Following college she started working in local advertising at both WFTV and WKMG here in Orlando. For the last 10 years she has worked in her dream job at Golf Channel in sponsorship sales and now she has the privilege of working part-time for GolfNow, a division of Golf Channel. Becky has said she is so lucky that Mrs. Morabito planted the seeds and helped guide her career!

TFA’s mission statement is one that stuck with Becky and is actually what drew her and her husband to send their daughter here. She is grateful to every faculty member and coach who spent countless hours in the gym with her and teaching her to give God the glory – which is something she often needs to remind herself working in the corporate world! Becky and her husband Paul are thrilled to send their daughter to TFA and want to support the school as best they can. This year she joined the TFA Golf Event Committee and wants to invite EVERYONE and especially alumni who play golf to come out and support the school at what will be an excellent event!