I attended the First Academy for 13 years, graduating in 2014. I then went on to Florida International University on a football scholarship and finished out my career playing for the greatest coach of all time, Butch Davis. I graduated with a degree in Communications in May of 2018. I have since moved back to Orlando, and work as a Risk Advisor for Insurance Office of America in Longwood. I also help out with the TFA football team in whatever spare time I do have. I attend First Baptist Church of Orlando and recently started volunteering with the Student Ministry.

TFA played a big part in getting me ready for the next steps in life; however, the two main ways were spiritually and academically. Going through TFA helped provide me with a good spiritual foundation to take with me to college. Looking back, it was such a blessing to have all of the different Bible classes and Chapel services throughout my time. They helped reinforce my beliefs, and also gave a foundation to stand on during the hardships that college can throw at you. The academics at TFA helped me in ways that I could not even see at the time. Many of my friends and teammates did not have a strong academic background as I did, so the transition to college was difficult for them. I found that TFA’s curriculum really made the initial transition easy for me. The biggest impact was in my writing and public speaking skills. I really have all of my English teachers, and Mrs. Livesay, to thank for that.

Two of the coaches that have had the biggest impact on my life, are Coach Kinard and Coach Cramer. Both men challenged me athletically and spiritually. I still carry around the Bible that Coach Kinard gave to me as a senior. Getting to help coach with the team now is one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

The biggest way that TFA has blessed me is the relationships that I developed with my friends and the teachers that I am still in contact with today. Having them in my life helps me to be a better man. I could not imagine going through those 13 years at TFA without those people, and the bond that was developed over the years will definitely last a lifetime.