I was in first grade the year TFA opened and attended 12 years when I graduated in 1999. I attended the University of Central Florida majoring in Radio/TV with a minor in Marketing. While still in college, I interned at FOX 35 working as part of the production crew for the 10pm news. After graduating, I became a news writer and producer for the Good Day Orlando, the FOX35 Morning Show. In 2004, I became a producer for Golf Channel, working in several areas including Original Productions, Promotions and eventually landing in their in-house ad agency, where I wrote, edited, and produced commercials and sales videos for external clients. In 2010, I started my own production company and became a freelance producer and still do several projects for Golf Channel each year.

In 2005, I married Kristofer Warren, and I was sure I knew the path my life was headed on. But God had other plans. In 2016, God called me into vocational ministry, and I now work at First Baptist Orlando as the Women’s Ministry Director.

TFA prepared me in many ways for college and for life. Academically: I can still remember laughing at my Freshman Honors English Syllabus in college that required us to write four 4-page papers. While other students panicked, I had confidence. We had written papers longer than that as in-class writing assignments in Mrs. Kelly’s History and Mrs. Schemer’s English classes. Arts: As a member of Troupe 5165, I had a love for the arts. I continued to be involved in the drama ministry at First Baptist Orlando, but it also created a foundation for what would become my career: art in media. Spiritually: Mr. Toenges’ Worldview class not only gave me a solid foundation to defend my faith, it helped me know what other religions believed as well.

When I think back to the TFA Mission Statement the one area that really resonated with me was “participation as a way of life.” As Christians, we aren’t meant to sit on the sidelines. We are called to be in the battle. We are called to serve. My time at TFA taught me the importance of being involved. I continued to attend First Baptist Orlando and was involved in many ministries over the years. Bible classes instilled a love of research and the Greek language, and the verses I memorized then still encourage me today. Teachers encouraged me in my faith and met me with grace. Worship and truth were part of our weekly chapel services.

Now, I am privileged to send my own children to TFA. Tate is in 2nd grade. Bennett is in TK, and Kipton is in the preschool program. The school is much different than when I graduated 18 years ago: it’s larger, has its own campus, and offers a wider variety of classes, sports and clubs, but the core is still the same: a school that desires to partner with parents in raising up another generation of disciples who will go and change the world for Christ. I am so thankful to still be a part of this special school.