TFA prepared me for life-long work in Christian education. I graduated from TFA in 2005 and headed off to Mississippi College in Clinton, MS. With a passion for business, I pursued a degree in Marketing and graduated at the top of my class in 2009. That same summer, I married my husband, Tyler Blount.

Straight out of college, I had the opportunity to work at a bank and then as the Office Manager for a small business. A few years later, I decided to make a significant career change as my husband and I awaited the arrival of our daughter through adoption. I was looking for a slower pace and more flexibility, so when the Dean of Business at Mississippi College reached out and offered me the role of Marketing Coordinator for the School of Business, I jumped at the chance. This job began my work in Christian education and could not have come at a more perfect time, just two weeks later, our daughter, Everly, was born.

Shortly after our daughter’s birth, the Lord’s calling on my life to orphan care became very apparent. I wanted to use my love for business and marketing to make an impact on the lives of orphans in a community in Guatemala where my family was already invested. Little did I know, this nudge would turn into an annual event, that would turn into a small non-profit, which now fully funds the education program for all of the children living in the orphanage in Guatemala. I believe education is a doorway to opportunity, it was for me, and it is for these children. I am convinced that the only way to change the projection of their lives, is to raise them to be the next generation of Christian leaders in Guatemala. I am forever grateful that we get to be a very small part of making that possible.

After two years as the Marketing Coordinator at Mississippi College, I was approached with an incredible opportunity to work at a K3-12th school, much like TFA, where I started as the Director of Communications and now serve as the Director of Operations. At Hartfield Academy, I oversee Technology, Communications, Admissions, and Human Resources. My daughter also attends our K3 program. I love seeing her learn in an environment where Biblical integration isn’t an afterthought, it is at the forefront. It is a blessing to me to work behind the scenes, ensuring that my part of the business functions run smoothly so that the teachers and administrators can focus on the most important thing: preparing students to fulfill their God-given purpose.

I am incredibly thankful for the Christian education I received at TFA. If I was asked 15 years ago, I would not have said I would be working at a school, but God has a way of leading us through each opportunity and preparing us for the next. TFA was a big piece of that for me. The rigorous expectations from my teachers, the leadership opportunities, and service experiences allowed me a glimpse of what it would be like to work hard, be flexible, pray through opportunities, and serve those around me. Teachers like Scott Toenges and Amarilys Heard were more than just teachers. Their intentional investment in me, and the hundreds of other students they impacted, showed me the great opportunity I have to affect the lives of students and families within the walls of a school. I am forever grateful for my time, experiences, and especially the faculty at TFA!