I graduated from The First Academy in May of 2000. In some ways that feels like a lifetime ago but in other ways, it seems like yesterday because of the great memories I carry with me. Of course, I can remember hanging out with friends, playing sports, homecomings, etc. but my time at TFA set me on a course that significantly shaped who I am today.

During my time at The First Academy, not only did I become a Christian but was also called to vocational ministry. I will forever be grateful to Steve Kavanaugh, among others, for helping guide me through that decision. His influence was invaluable to me and I know there are scores of students over the years who could say the same thing about him. In addition to Mr. Kavanaugh, I remember my 10th-grade World History teacher, Susan Kelly. Mrs. Kelly was quite simply the best teacher I ever had at any level of education and her impact on me has never faded. In fact, I still keep the folder from her class on the bookshelf in my office because, believe it or not, I still reference it from time to time.

After graduation, I earned my B.A. in Christian Studies and Philosophy with a minor in History from Mississippi College in 2004. I then earned my Master of Divinity with Biblical Languages and a concentration in Philosophy of Religion from Southwestern Seminary in 2008. I completed my Master of Theology in Systematic Theology, specializing in Christology from Southern Seminary in 2011. Over the years, the Lord has allowed me to serve churches in Florida, Texas, and Tennessee. Currently, my wife Abby, daughter Adley, and I live in Jackson, Mississippi where I’m a pastor.

While life and ministry have taken me many places, The First Academy provided a foundation that has helped me along the way. I’m proud to be part of the TFA family and grateful it is playing the same type of role in the lives of many other students and alumni.