Get to Know Kali Kupp, TFA Class of 2012

When did you graduate from TFA?


Where did you attend college?

I graduated from TFA in 2012, and went on to Clemson University, where I graduated with a B.S. in Graphic Communications in 2016.

Please share any awards, academic, or professional accomplishments.

After graduating from Clemson, I moved to Atlanta, where I worked in social media for household brands like Sharpie, Graco Baby, PaperMate, Rubbermaid, and more. I moved back to Orlando in 2019 and joined a flooring company based out of Sweden, where I worked as the Director of Marketing for the US. I now work as the Manager of Communications Planning, Outer US for Universal Orlando Resort.

Kali and her dog Chili

Please share about your family.

I currently live near downtown Orlando with my golden retriever Chili, within 2 miles of most of my direct family and 4 other Kupp dogs…meaning built-in dog-sitters!

Please share about your current church home and service.

I am a member of New City PCA, where I volunteer with NewCity Kids as an Admin Coordinator. I get to serve with our Team Leader and TFA Alum Katie Anderson!

How did TFA prepare you for the next steps in your life?

Especially through classes like Apologetics, TFA gave me the lens to see life through a Christian Worldview, approaching all things with curiosity and kindness coupled with truth and prayer. One of my favorite sayings I learned from Dr. Toenges is: “In essentials, unity; in non-essentials, liberty; and in all things, love.” I think about this quote often, as our world is often divided and volatile, and as Christians, we have an opportunity to show a different approach.

What teacher(s) and/or coach(s) had the most impact on your life, why/how?

My particular favorite topics in school were always English and Art. Mr. Kowars imbued in me a love of literature and writing, and a particular love of The Great Gatsby, which I read once a year. (We still get together and chat when we can!) Mrs. Collins taught me a love for ceramics and the role of Art in Faith and helped me venture into AP 3D Studio Art, where I learned skills that I still use today (only, instead of building newspaper dresses and sculptures out of books, I am building art pieces for my house).

Is there anything else you’d like to share about the impact or connections TFA has made in your personal and/or professional life?

I recently had the honor of judging the Senior Thesis Competition and was privileged to hear from the amazing graduating class of 2023. This allowed me to reflect on my Senior Thesis Topic, “The Problem of Pain,” and how this topic stuck with me and continues to serve me, whether as a friend, sister, daughter, camp counselor, co-worker, or, of course, in my own faith walk. We are always faced with the problem of pain and suffering in new and different ways as we grow; while challenging, this means we also get to see God in new and different ways.

Kali served as a Senior Thesis judge in the spring of 2023.