What year did you graduate from TFA?

I graduated in 2008.

Current Career and location:

I am a College Counselor at Anthem Preparatory Academy in Arizona.

Monica Ware

What was your memorable experience at TFA?

I loved being involved in Student Government at TFA. I also loved how engaged each teacher was in my education. Ms. Damron in particular was quick to offer constructive feedback and reward us with fun pencils when we did something especially good in her class. I remember we even ran a political campaign in her class which sparked my interest in Political Science (I went on to major in Political Science at the University of Central Florida.)

How did you end up where you are now?

In college, I discovered my love for higher education by being involved in the Orientation Team, Residence Life, and the President’s Leadership Council. Because of this, I went into the higher education field myself. I went on to serve as a Resident Director at Grand Canyon University where I earned my Masters degree in Psychology and as an Assistant Director at Arizona State University in Career and Professional Development Services. My passion is working with students and helping them discover the next right step for them. College Counseling is where I’ve found my home and true calling.