When did you graduate from TFA and where did you go to college?

2014, College of the Holy Cross. Then I attended law school at the University of Miami.

Please tell me about your family, occupation, and/or volunteer service.

In college – I was a member of the women’s varsity softball team.

In law school – Student Bar Association Senator; Managing Editor of the International and Comparative Law Review; Article “Addressing Vaccination Hesitancy” was published in Volume 28 of the Miami Law International and Comparative Law Review; Successfully represented clients in matters such as immigration proceedings and social security hearings as a member of the Health Rights Clinic.

Passed the July 2021 Florida Bar Exam and I am currently an Associate Attorney at Greenberg Traurig.

Please tell me where you attend church now and your ministry involvement.

Community Presbyterian Church in Celebration.

How did TFA prepare you for the next steps in your life?

TFA provided me with a solid academic, athletic, and spiritual foundation that I still rely on today. The foundation that I built at TFA still impacts my life and informs my decisions. The teachers, coaches, and staff provided the support and tools that I needed to achieve my goals at every level.

What teacher(s) and/or coach(s) had the most impact on your life, why/how?

Ms. Damron: In Ms. Damron’s AP Gov class, we took a field trip to the courthouse to observe. It was there that my interest in a career in law started to form. From that point on, I decided that I wanted to pursue a legal career.

Coach Knuth: Coach Knuth was (and is) a spiritual leader on and off the field. She made everyone feel welcome, appreciated, and loved. I hope to model my own relationships after her leadership.

Mr. Harvey: As an alumni, I’m so appreciative for the encouragement and engagement from Mr. Harvey. He continues to support alums in our personal and professional life, and keeps us all involved and engaged with TFA.

Is there anything else you’d like to share about the impact or connections TFA has made in your personal and/or professional life?

The friendships I made at TFA are still some of the most dear and meaningful in my life. I met some of my closest friends there.

I wouldn’t be where I am without the spiritual foundation that I gained from TFA. My faith grew exponentially from the lessons and love poured out on me at TFA. I learned to fully trust and lean on the Lord, which has shaped me and helped me more than anything else.

I’m so thankful that TFA encouraged service. It’s something I’ve tried to continue in my personal and professional life.