When did you graduate from TFA and where did you go to college?

Christian Fleming, 2013 and the University of North Florida. Megan Calvert Fleming, 2014 and the University of Florida.

Please tell me about your family, occupation, and/or volunteer service.

Christian and I both grew up in Orlando. We both left Orlando for college, but each made our way back to where we were raised. Christian is a site and project coordinator for a construction company, and Megan is a Staffing Specialist for Orange County Public schools. Megan currently is the FCA staff sponsor at the school she works at and also leads a small group for senior girls. We love the Lord, our families, our dog Birdie, and loving others through words, actions, and prayer.

Please tell me where you attend church now and your ministry involvement.

Since the pandemic, we have been church hopping. In the past, we have served on our church’s welcome team and been involved in attending and leading small groups.

How did TFA prepare you for the next steps in your life?

TFA prepared us to not only go into the world but to love the world. Our faith background through our families and TFA has prepared us to take on the world together with Christ at the center.

What teacher(s) and/or coach(s) had the most impact on your life, why/how?

Christian – Mr. Siler was a wonderful teacher who helped make learning fun. Megan – Dr. Toenges helped me learn about developing a Christian worldview in a sinful world and also what it means to be a Christian and share your faith. I was able to utilize both of those things not only during college but now in my workplace.

We are so grateful for TFA. Even though our story together began after our time walking its halls, we are thankful for the foundation it laid in both of our lives and the people it helped us become.