Get to Know Tiffany Campbell, TFA Class of 2000

When did you graduate from TFA?


Where did you attend college?

I graduated with a BS in Nutrition, Fitness, & Health Promotion from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 2005 and then with an MS in Human Nutrition from the University of Alabama in 2011. I completed my dietetic internship at Murray State University with sports nutrition internships at Oregon, Alabama, Nebraska, Florida, and Louisville.

Please share any awards, academic, or professional accomplishments.

  • As a Student:
  • One of TFA’s first NCAA Full Athletic Scholarship Winners to a Division 1 University
  • TFA’s first NCAA National Champion at a Division 1 University (2002 NCAA National Champion at University of Alabama)
  • Named an NCAA Academic All-American three times
  • Professionally:
  • While at the University of Oklahoma, I was a part of the following: 26 Big XII Championships (football, softball, men’s and women’s gymnastics, men’s golf), 13 National Championships (4 softball, 4 women’s gymnastics, 4 men’s gymnastics, 1 men’s golf), 4 College Football Playoff games, 2 Heisman Trophy winners (Baker Mayfield, Kyler Murray), 2 #1 1st Round Draft Picks (Baker Mayfield, Kyler Murray), and Men’s Basketball Final Four appearance.
  • While at Wake Forest University, I have been a part of the following: #1 ranked teams in baseball, women’s golf, men’s soccer, ACC Atlantic Division Champs, and 7-Straight football Bowl games.
Tiffany, her husband Jay, and their pups Rocky and Ellie.

Please share about your family, occupation, and/or other volunteer and service.

My family is awesome. I have been married to my best friend, Jay, for 12 years. Together, we have 2 labs named Rocky and Ellie who are our whole world. For my occupation, by title, I am the Assistant Athletics Director, Sports Nutrition for Football at Wake Forest University with previous stops at the University of Oklahoma (2013-2020) and Baylor University (2012-2013). By trade, I am a Sports Dietitian, which encompasses being a clinician, an educator, a teacher, a learner, a mentor, a colleague, and a friend. As a Sports Dietitian, I do wear many hats but the best part about my job is the relationships formed with the athletes, staff, coaches, performance team, medical staff, support staff, and fellow colleagues. I have been very fortunate to have been able to be a part of many “cool” moments and opportunities due to this career field…and now a lot of my former athletes are married, have families, are playing in the NFL, NBA, WSL, or onto a career of their own. The relationships formed and the opportunity to make an impact on their lives has been one of the greatest blessings of my job and one I try not to lose sight of despite the pressure, expectations, wins and losses.

Please share about your current church home.

We attended Victory Family Church while we lived in Oklahoma and during COVID, we continued to remain a part of that church family via distance. Now that we are all together in North Carolina, we are a part of Two Cities Church.

How did TFA prepare you for the next steps in your life?

Academically – I was prepared for college in that I had developed study habits during my time at TFA and the coursework was challenging. The teachers and staff were not just people that I saw during class, but they were like family pouring into me, writing me letters and good luck cards, sending me notes to help me through numerous injuries and surgeries, coming to attend my gymnastics competitions, and following me throughout my journey in college and into my professional career. Relationships matter. People make the place…and man, I had THE BEST people in my life while at TFA.

What teacher(s) and/or coach(s) had the most impact on your life, why/how?

Oh my goodness… there have been so many teachers and coaches who have had influences in my life. Here are a few on my list:

1.) Deni Corbett: She was my beloved kindergarten teacher who is so loving and kind. We are still in contact today and I cannot speak highly enough about her as a person. Her impact on me runs so very deep.

2.) Julie Hagan: She was my 2nd-grade teacher. She was the purest, kindest soul and was so very creative. Teaching was her ministry and I am so glad that my life was blessed by hers.

3.) Melissa Marshall: She was my 7th-grade math teacher and the woman I wanted to be like. She was sweet, gentle, and kind. We are still in touch today as well and though we don’t speak as frequently as we used to, she is a big part of the person I have become today.

4.) Ed Gamble – Headmaster when I was in school; extremely supportive of my gymnastics career and considered me a part of the TFA athletic community; upon graduation, he awarded me with varsity letters acknowledging my athletic achievements. Huge honor.

5.) Larry Taylor (LT) – Principal; LT and I had an incredible relationship…he always told me that when I made it “big” as an athlete, he would be my agent 🙂

I have been blessed beyond measure by so many Godly men and women during my time at The First Academy. These 5 are the top of my list, but there were so many others who poured into my life and helped make me into the woman I am today…and I am forever grateful to everyone.

Is there anything else you’d like to share about the impact or connections TFA has made in your personal and/or professional life?

I was a part of the inaugural 13-year senior class, meaning that I attended TFA from kindergarten through my senior year of high school. There were 13 of us. I am still in touch with several of my classmates today. The fact that I was raised in a Godly home, on Christian principles, surrounded by loving and kind teachers and classmates that have remained friends over the years is a true testament to the foundation and principles that were formed and developed during my time at TFA.