Upper School teachers and leadership are always looking for ways to further the mission of Wisdom Beyond Scholarship, and several new courses for 2022-2023 will do just that.

Beginning in 2022-2023, Upper School students will have the opportunity to take Principles of Entrepreneurship I & II in 9th-12th-grade, where they will design and launch a small business. Students will be given the resources to understand the basics of product design, pricing, marketing and sales, financial reporting, and community stewardship and will implement the learned concepts into a self-created business. The mission of this course is simple, to inspire confidence and ignite creativity in students through the pursuit of entrepreneurship. The course uses the Boss Club curriculum and incorporates a Christian worldview into all aspects of the class. This includes applicable scripture, reflection discussions, and videos about how to apply the content into their faith. Our goal is for our students to grow further in glorifying God and building the Kingdom in any pursuit, including entrepreneurship!

Constitutional Law is another new offering for 10th-12th-grade students. This course will include strands of American History, World History, Geography, Humanities, Economics, and Civics and Government. It centers on the study of major legal precedents and evolving judicial interpretations associated with the United States Constitution. Students will participate in the evaluation of historical and contemporary constitutional dilemmas through an analysis of legal documents, processes, and cases. This course incorporates the development of a written appellate brief addressing a contemporary constitutional question and the presentation of oral arguments to defend their position legally. A great opportunity for students to experience law first-hand!

And last but certainly not least, TFA’s 9th-grade Biblical Formations course now includes Financial Stewardship. This course incorporates additional content to equip students with a biblical foundation for financial management, enabling them to be wise stewards of their God-given resources. Topics include, but are not limited to, managing money God’s way; saving money; creating a budget; understanding different types of investments; setting and achieving financial and career goals; understanding the dangers of debt; and understanding different types of insurance. This Ron Blue Curriculum brings to life the concepts of living within a budget, avoiding debt, and growing healthy savings. The financial discipline helps equip students with the perspectives, principles, and processes to apply biblical wisdom to their financial decision-making.

To view these new course offerings and the entire 2022-2023 Upper School Course Catalog, click here.