AP Studio Art 3D Live Mannequin Exhibit

On Friday, September 21st, Middle and Upper School students had the opportunity to escape into the world of art as they were able to stroll through a live sculpture exhibit! AP Studio Art 3D class exhibited their ‘wearable art’ in a Live Mannequin Exhibit during Royal Recharge in the courtyard between the Natalie Thomas Gymnasium and the Upper School Building.

These students have been working on these pieces for months and were ecstatic to finally showcase their hard work. Each AP 3D student had another student model their artwork or modeled their artwork themselves! AP Studio Art 2D class brought out their drawing boards and sketched the wearable art pieces as they observed their classmates’ art. Seeing both groups of advanced students hard at work was an incredible experience.

Senior AP Studio Art 3D student, Angel Collins, shared, “I think the best part was watching people’s reactions to our projects because it was their raw thoughts, which helps us improve our work.”

Senior AP Studio Art 3D student, Meg Paswaters, also shared, “Being able to display my art in front of the whole school after working on it for countless hours was a very rewarding experience. I was pleasantly surprised by how many people came! I think I can speak for all of the AP art students when I say that being finished with the exhibit is bittersweet. Thanks to everyone who came out!”

The Advanced Steel Drums Band even played in the Alumni Commons to set the mood! They played different pieces that both students & teachers recognized and enjoyed clapping & dancing along to.

Dunkin Donuts was served to students, parents, teachers, staff, and administration while they enjoyed the exhibit, creating a fun & delicious artistic experience for the students & faculty of The First Academy.