Written by Dr. Steve Whitaker, Head of School

One of our greatest partnerships is with one of our accrediting bodies, The Association of Christian Schools International. Recently, ACSI has partnered with AXIS, a tremendous resource for connecting parents, teens, & Jesus in a disconnected world. Whether you are a current parent of a teen, or a Lower School parent who is beginning to think about the teen years ahead, this resource is extremely helpful and valuable.

For parents of students in Middle and Upper School, it can be difficult understanding the latest slang or social media platform. Part of a flourishing school community is having tools to develop healthy relationships so that communication can be strengthened.

AXIS has developed tools and resources for schools to use which strengthens communication with students. From conversation kits about tough topics to content helpful for chapel preparation, AXIS can provide the resources needed to serve our students and families well…all developed with a Christian worldview.

At The First Academy, we have been blessed to be able to bring in strong chapel speakers and professionals who have been able to focus on the tough topics of social media usage, online safety, Biblical values, culture, and more. We have also provided families with unlimited usage of RightNow Media, which has been a success not only in our classrooms but also at home with our families. We would like to continue to provide our students and parents with the necessary tools to be able to strengthen communication and discipleship in a culturally relevant way.

I am proud to announce that we will now be offering all of our students and families unlimited access to all of the tools and resources that AXIS has to offer – and at no additional cost!

Sign-up and registration are easy, simply visit the link below and complete the short registration form and you’re all set.

Membership Signups for Your Church (Kelli)

Thank you for your continued support and partnership, and I look forward to hearing how AXIS becomes a blessing for our students and families.