At what grade level did you start at The First Academy?

Sixth Grade


What were the reasons you or your parents chose The First Academy?

My parents believed that TFA would be the school to give me the best Christian education and would be the best environment for me to grow up in.


Are you involved in extracurricular activities? If so, what are they and have you received awards in these activities? (These can be affiliated with TFA or outside of school)

I have played varsity lacrosse all four years of high school and was awarded Defensive Most Valuable Player as a Junior.


Which colleges have you applied to and which ones have you be accepted to thus far? (Please include if you have made a decision to attend a certain college next year)


I applied to and have been accepted to The University of Florida, The Honors College at Auburn University, Appalachian State University, and Florida State University. I have decided to attend The University of Florida in the fall.


What do you plan to study in college and what are your long-term career goals?

I plan to study agriculture and business and hope to go on to fill a management position in the agriculture sector.


Have you received any college scholarships? If so, which ones? (Or, which ones are your currently nominated for)

I have received multiple scholarships from Auburn and Samford University including the Academic Charter Scholarship at Auburn University and the
Leadership Scholarship at Samford University.


Who is/are your favorite TFA teacher(s), and why? (Teachers can be K4-12)

Mr. Adams has been my favorite teacher. I had the opportunity to have him as a teacher in 5 different classes throughout middle and high school, and he has continually invested in me not only as a student but as a person.


How has TFA made a difference in, or impacted your life?

Most significantly, TFA has placed me in a loving environment where both teachers and students love me with the selfless love of Jesus and because of that, I have experienced Christ in a way that I don’t think I would have elsewhere.


How do you feel that The First Academy has prepared you for life after graduation?

TFA has given me the opportunity to challenge and push myself by giving me freedom when it comes to choosing my classes and course load. I think this has helped me better understand myself and my capabilities and will be valuable as I continue my education.


What does it mean to you to be a The First Academy alumni?

As a The First Academy alumni, my diploma will come from a well-credited school that I am proud to have graduated from, but as a Christian school, it also represents the message of the Bible.


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